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yaping 2011-7-15 23:55
JMZ: Hi!yaping,have a good holiday! ~~~
the same to u~
yaping 2011-7-15 22:09
kanlly 2011-7-7 20:58
Hey, I haven't logged on this site for a long time. I'm wandering if you're still interested in visiting Facebook. I came across a piece of software that gives you full access to those blocked websites, Facebook included of course. Its green and easy to use (probably developed by anti-communist Taiwanese). I can email it to you if you want. Just leave me your email address.
bigcat 2011-7-7 19:26
JMZ: eggs~~
yeah,you could call me that,sounds nice.
Amanda-cao 2011-7-3 20:34
thank u for visit me!
Einstein 2011-7-3 13:16
could you tell what does JMZ stands for? is it the first letters of your Chinese name?
linda_guo 2011-7-1 11:44
JMZ: your avatar is very interesting~~~
Sure, he is my favorite baby image.
linda_guo 2011-7-1 10:08
JMZ: your avatar is very interesting~~~
Sure, it is my favorite baby image
yaping 2011-6-30 12:55
JMZ: hehe~~~
yaping 2011-6-30 12:50
JMZ: o,best wishes to you!have a good holiday later!
okay  thank u , honey!
yaping 2011-6-30 12:39
JMZ: what's wrong?now you are spending your holiday,right?
No, i am in school!  after 20 days  i can go home for my holidays!
just not good, sth about my dorm.
yaping 2011-6-30 12:20
JMZ: Hi!yaping!how are you recently?have a good day!~~~
NOt good enough! amd u?
kanlly 2011-6-15 09:30
i think you misunderstood what i mean, the "try it for free" link is on this site, not on the home page of facebook.
If u don't like the page it links to (not home page of facebook, but u can still login there, makes little difference), u can input facebook's address yourself in the URL box.
winner 2011-6-13 17:24
JMZ: Hi!nice to meet you here!
glad to meet you  
Apfel 2011-6-12 19:21
Hi, good day.
sofun 2011-6-11 14:45
so  nice to see you
possible 2011-6-4 11:04
nice to meet you too!
Start_Chen 2011-5-24 13:32
Hi,nice to meet you!
Sheena1208 2011-5-19 10:54
JMZ: Hi!nice to meet you here
I thought I've replied to you, nice to meet you, too~heihei
Sheena1208 2011-5-19 10:52
JMZ: Hi!nice to meet you here
I thought I've replied to you, why I can't see it here, strange. Heihei, nice to meet you, too~

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