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The current TV play

1130 views. 2012-4-8 12:15 |

     The only queen regnant of china---Wuzetian,is a marvellous woman as we know.there are different assess about her,we knew her about in our junior high school,and it tells not very much about her. i remember there were some TV plays about Wuzetian,for instance,《至尊红颜》is totally about her,that tv play is just a kind of entertainment for the audience,and it is untrue,because it beautified Wuzetian,it showed how virtuous and brave Wu was.that's not the fact. We all know that Wu is a heartless and cruel woman in histroy,She killed some of his sons in different cruel means.
     Now there is another TV play about Taipinggongzhu---the daughter of Wuzetian,especially,the same actress is Jiajingwen,very fact,taiping is just like her mother,she wanted to capture her mother's republic. From now on,i see that this TV show beatifies Taiping again!! i hope i could see a real Taiping in the continuation of 《太平公主秘史》,hehe…^ _ ^

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Reply JimHuang 2012-4-8 15:55
in my impression, Taipin princess inherited her mother's huge desire  to power, but the talent of political vision.
Reply danyduan 2012-4-8 16:38
I also have seen the TV play recently.
Reply touringchina 2012-4-8 18:58
Taiping le.....
When i watch a Teleplay, I care not about whether it coincides with the history, I WATCH it for its entertaining function.
Reply wangxu 2012-4-8 23:21
yes,we actually watch it for entertainment.

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