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How to Concentrate?

Hot 1334 views. 2018-6-22 14:36 |Individual Classification:whisper

I ever shrugged off  the viewpoint that one would not learn well after the prime time, and firmly believed that I could do a better job so long as I persisted in doing something with sufficient patience.  However, it is growing into a truth when I slipped into middle aged days--too many distracted to concentrate on one thing. Two hours later I didn't input one sentence on my paper, which is due to submit one month later, the effort to produce something seemed to be a process of endless self-conflict, a fight with the powerful evil in my heart. In a unutterable anxiety, he constantly harassed me and forced me off the track leading to a productive life, and induced me to pass my life in vain.  Again and again, I turned to some external stimulus including computer game in the pursuit of final redemption, but failed in the end. Eat, drink and be merry, a kind of despised life I hated all along seized me tightly. Is it obsessive compulsive order?  But it is characterized by a morbid obsession on keep doing something, while I hate to do everything. Is is a menopause problem? How can I get it as a male? I have to figure out  ......    

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Reply wangjide01 2018-6-22 16:44
Mid-aged crisis. I am in the same stage and have the same perplex with you. What do I want and what should I do.  I am thinking and want to find the answer of the question.  Give us some time to think and we'll find it in the end.  Nobody can help us on that. Best regards
Reply johnsonwu 2018-6-22 17:08
Thank you for your reply and encouragement! I am struggling for a solution, and I hope I can make it in the future.

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