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A Strange Woman in Metro Station

186 views. 2018-12-16 18:11 |Individual Classification:whisper| woman, subway station

     I peeped at the darkness outside, and noticed it was only 19:00. Most of my colleagues were concentrating on work, and none of them showed any sign to leave.  Somehow, an inexpressible restlessness instantly seized me and drove off my enthusiasm to finish the last touch on a revised essay. Out of a long sigh, I turned off computer, wore the coat, took my bag and left the office like a whirl wind. 

     I didn't choose to get to the metro station from the passage underground although it was a warm and shortcut way.  I threw myself into the cold wind with the only thought to refresh myself before I ended another monotonous day. However, I didn't expect a slight difference would happen to me.  

    As I approached the desired platform in the congested crowd, I heard that a woman was shouting: " Put the duck meat into your bag and then eat it”. I didn't care because I guessed it must be a conversation between two friends. Again, it echoed in the crowd. Maybe the great noise engulfed her voice, nobody responded to her. To my surprise, the question suddenly crept upon me. I turned and found that a woman in white stood in presence of me with two bags in her left hand.  

        " Put the duck meat into your bag and then eat it” she asked me again
         "Are you sure I know you?" I puzzled and spoke haltingly. 
         A slight embarrassment rippled off on her face,  but she still repeated her question. 
         I had to say sorry. 
         Maybe my rejection disappointed her, and she turned away and left me in confusion, and shouted at other commuters.
       " Put the duck meat into your bag and then eat it ! 

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