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MiniBlogs Click it and listen to the Bush's Eulogy for his father.
  • johnsonwu: sorry, just read the transcript. (12-8 21:09)
2018-12-8 21:05 Reply|
Sino-Africa Summit is coming, with ceaseless security check, heavy traffic jam and common financial loss for inevitable late arrival in company.
  • wangjide01: All for the great image of the country.  One day political not bother people marked the real civilization   (9-4 17:15)
2018-9-3 08:12 Reply|
Being or living?
2018-8-26 09:23 Reply|
Sometimes, employment is just a conspiracy that the employer against employee.
2018-8-25 12:56 Reply|
Farewell to the weary beginning and long for the peaceful ending
2018-2-11 15:44 Reply|
Thawing heart in the Freezing today
2018-1-23 23:50 Reply|
Give a final touch on the weary days!
2018-1-21 11:58 Reply|
My December:misfortunes never come singly
2017-11-7 23:21 Reply|
Pick up <<1984>> again
2017-10-16 23:58 Reply|
Threw myself into the sombre and chilling morning, and forced my way in the crowd, I turned on the "repeating"mode of my life, in the hunger for upgrading.
2017-10-12 08:36 Reply|
The annual   backbreaking day is coming, get ready! or get ready?
2017-10-11 23:29 Reply|
How to survive these dulling and breaking days
2014-1-11 09:06 Reply|
Even stumbling speech may strengthen a weak tongue.
2013-8-10 14:41 Reply|
my son is keep encouraging me to go outing,which will be a one hour's ride and three hundred Yuan expense, snack, travel and game are his priority,but he dont know how hard a bread-winner is.
  • sedgehead: Perhaps: My son keeps encourage me to take a vacation, including a one hour ride and costing 300 Yuan for snacks; travel and games are his priorities, but he doesn't know how hard it is to be a breadw (8-23 08:05)
  • sedgehead: winner!  (I ran out of space!) (8-23 08:06)
2013-8-10 11:48 Reply|
Invaribly, I can find a long to-do-list, but little time to make it true. I start a wear-out day and end it with time-out.
  • sedgehead: Life can be like that.  You start playing and suddenly see a "Game Over" sign.  The trick is to enjoy the ride, not make a list! (8-4 01:05)
2013-8-3 08:33 Reply|
How to spend the scorching day? Stay home with a book and a peaceful heart.
  • sedgehead: A cool shower also helps! (8-4 01:06)
2013-8-3 08:25 Reply|
How to define the Phd degree holder? None of us understand what she is saying.
2013-7-22 16:34 Reply|
Looking outside of scorching sunlight, I desperately to be a sitting man with strong desire and enjoyment in the virtual space, immerge myself in the letters and characters.
2013-7-20 09:39 Reply|
The inanimate objects were not changed: but the living thing had altered past recognition.
2012-11-4 22:52 Reply|
I found I was stranded in the land of overwhelm and tend to be scrapegoat at any time.
2012-10-30 12:21 Reply|

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