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Food safety

939 views. 2011-11-21 16:51 |

There is no doubt the food safety problem has captured increasing attention.Although the government has strengthened regulations to ensure food safety.There are still some inferior or harmful food flows into the market.Such as poisonous milk,lean meat powder,swill-cooked dirty oil and so on,all these have posed serious threats to people's health.

Compared with the past,the food safety problem is becoming increasingly serious.The range of inferior food  and its harmful degree is broadened.There are more chemical substances and pesticide residues in food,from the exterior to interior.And there are various ways of making harmful food .The production process is also very secret.

What led to the spread of toxic food? The relevant departments lack supervision,passing the buck to each other.The food safety law is unsound and its have many demerits.And some consumers lack the safety awareness as well as food knowledge,they like pursuiting cheaper foods and neglect good quality, all these have provided living space for toxic food.

How to ensure the food safety? Firstly,the government should incresase the supervising and penality,refining responsibility of various departments.Secondly,The pollution of agricultural products should be controled form the source.Finally,we should popularize the healthy food knowledge among people and improve consumer awareness, try to minimize the food hazards through government and non-government cooperation.Only in this way can we enjoy a more better life.


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Reply snowflying 2011-11-21 19:39
surely like so, even in the supermaket, i can't know whether safe my buying, whether still have so many hurt to our body, what 's the safe food on earth,where has the safe food we can buy? what i can do is to buy and choose the expensive food among the same knids,like eggs, my buying price is about 10-12 yuan/jin, but really the expensive is safe too? still puzzle too...
Reply HappyPaul 2011-11-22 10:03
Exactly,businessmen often pursue maximal profit and contradict their conscience.

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