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Shares Dietary supplement from Iran
2018-6-18 20:25
Probably some of dioenglish friends know that I have been working on Iran several years by reading my previous blog,Iran is kinda mysterious land and recently well known by sanction from USA. ZTE also had been published by some issues involved with Iran. Since I've been here then I alwys think ...
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Shares you got any suggestion?
2016-5-28 13:51
I got one month for my holiday,you know it is not official holiday recently,almost friends,families are still working and i could not find any guy accompanied. I am planning of visiting several scenery.going mountain maybe the best choice.i think it will be alone for my journey. So,my fr ...
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Shares Happy Norooz Day
2016-3-20 19:45
Happy Norooz Day
Norooz is persian new year,could google by key word,then shows you as snapshot. Today is the first day of the new year. Happy new year,following words were sent by my iranian colleagues ************************************************** With all the Rose’s Perfume With all the lights in ...
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Shares Two-child policy adjustment
2015-11-4 18:59
These days some dio friends mentioned the new policy, For this issue,I think i have some words based on Two-child policy adjustment. My parents have 5 kids,Yes,believe your eyes,It means i have 3 sisters 1 brother. My parents were crazy for babys.We are from normal rural families. ...
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Shares The Plan for further education abroad
2015-11-4 09:48
I got a dream years ago,I am gone make it true in several months. When i was a little kid,I really admire the life that study abroad, They meet diffeent peoples and enjoy colorful curtural,much delicious food... I was borned from a normal family,It seems it was impossible for to go abr ...
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Shares The life in Iran(Continue)
2015-11-2 14:45
The life in Iran(Continue)
Ok,let me continue my blog,talking ahout the life in Iran. I came back from Iran a week ago,Before i came back. It was very tought working there,i have to come back and have relax. Some of my friends always ask me if it is interesting working abroad? Actually from my point of view ...
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Shares The life in Iran
2015-6-11 17:41
When i was a little kid,In my impression, All the country in mid East such as Iran、Pakistan、Afghanistan etc...They are full of war、violence、conflict、poor life. I had been in Iran for 4 months caused of job,And the impression was totally changed.. The local people are very good.I wi ...
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Shares Taiwanese thoughts<台湾人的想法>
2014-10-26 20:32
I chat with severalTaiwanese tonight,and we talk about something about the both sides of the Taiwan Straits,actually this kind of topic kinda sensitive. what they told me really impresses me,they said "u r u,i am i你是你,我是我,i donot know how to translate it",many Taiwan dislike m ...
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Shares what is your advice
2014-9-8 15:36
i graduated from college in July,and join the current company,kinda famous in IT industry, my company provide communications system support to Telecommunications Operator from all over the world, so you all could easily draw the conclusion that we have so many foreign customers. The abov ...
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Shares Do u still remember?
2014-3-7 20:50
Do u still remember?
Do u still remember the dreams u have dreamed? Do u still remember the girl u loved? Do u still remember the kind of life u wanna? Time goes by,does it change?ur dream,ur lover,ur imagination of future life? I still remember,never change.
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