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Core Values of Socialism

Hot 3139 views. 2017-8-11 09:45

First I need to say nothing with politics,  just to share a real story.

Yesterday evening I went to a tailor to modify my trousers by enlarging the waist, sorry I am getting fat and fat. I saw a piece paper on the wall, which was writen as below picuture shows. The tailor is an mid-aged lady, I asked her why you have this on the walll, it is mandatory or you like it. she told me that this is required by the mangement of the shopping mall, each store and cashiers have a small piece of paper from the mall, and it has to sticked to a place where it is easy to be found.

but unfortunately she lost the tage size paper, and she made a copy by handwriting, if you read carefully you can find there is a charactor mistake of 法制(should be 法治).

the good news is when she opened the drawer to get the ruler, she suddlenly found out the original one, and she was quite happy to say, there is no further worry when some comes to check.
Our people is nice, honest and just seeking for happy life, and should be treat well.
I want to play a joke--"how well-educated the people under the current administration are!"

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Reply wangjide01 2017-8-11 10:07
We lived in a great country although she  still have many problems.  We should Trust and do our best to support our country.
Reply shirleyytt2010 2017-8-11 11:26
That sounds interesting.
Reply teadrinking 2017-8-11 23:15
Good story. And you observed well of everything in that room of the tailoress. We often see some of those slangs posted on the walls or just hanging in the streets. We may say all is on the base of the core value of this socialist construction.

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