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Fish tank or Grass Tank

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I got a new hobby from end of last year, it is to maintain a small glass tank with grass and fish. before that, I alwasys called it as fish tank, but I see the senior people of this hobby are likely name it as Grass Tank, I agree because the grass, stone and small trees are more close to the nature enviroment and you will see the complete green scenery at first look, then you see the small fish swimming. there is another professional English word for this, it is aquarium (水族箱). but Aquarium is normally larger than the one in a small living room, like the size of my apartment. 50x50CM is  big enough at the corner of my sofa.

It is not that easy to make the grass green, the water clean and the fish live well. I started with a naked super-white glass tank, which looks bright and transparent, and bought sands, mud, liquid fertilizer, and then paved the bottom. you also used some stones to make a small hill, after that poured into water to half, then planted the grass, and filled the water full. the water needs to be well maintained to be ready for the fish, one week after, the fished can be put in.
the work never stops. the water has to be changed every 2 weeks, and everyday the fish needs to be fed, and the thermal meter shows the temperature, the heater should be turned on in winter times.
when you see the green grass waving and beautiful fish swimming, there is lots of fun.

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Reply shirleyytt2010 2017-8-12 10:25
The hobby seems to be very senior indeed  
Reply teadrinking 2017-8-12 11:15
That needs much time to take care of such a tank. The management of this hobby really kills time. Sometimes that kind of a tank should be kept well by an air pump so that the water plants and fish are provided with sufficient oxygen. A hobby like that one is idle to cultivate inner peace and cool off mind.
Reply Tonyzli 2017-8-12 11:50
teadrinking: That needs much time to take care of such a tank. The management of this hobby really kills time. Sometimes that kind of a tank should be kept well by ...
hi, I like your comments. Nowdays, the people needs inner peace and cooling mind. someone may say this hobby is for old people, but I dont agree.
Reply wangjide01 2017-8-14 11:26
The grass tank is so beautiful.  You must spend lots of time on the hobby.  A hobby suitble for us will always make us happy no matter what others say. I grew flowers, feed fishes, kept birds, and read Buddhist scriptures when I am still a boy.  It' s seems that I was  more like an old man tha you.    Traveling and drawing is my hobby now.

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