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Twenty thousand RMB PART-VI

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the year when i was twenty-one years old, i left china, went to another country, it's too expensive for me to get home, i even have no extra money to go home.
mom always say there is no money at home in the call. and say grandma very miss me, want me back to take a look. i study at school in the day, and work at night. i really want earn much more money to go home to see my grandma, but considered of my family need more money, i have to save the transportation fees and totally sent back home. i gradually understand my mom, understand why my mom didn't go home, and aslo understand my mom is not miss home, not miss me.

when i was twenty-four, i finally save much money , bring the money back home . everybody are very happy in my family. we cooked a big talbe of food and drink wine together.
i was drank on that day, i take a lot of money to my grandma and say, i have the ability to raise the family .
grandma seems drank as well, i don't know she is laugh or cry, she said, the whole family owes you.
i was drinking while laughing and shaking my head, in the meantime, i want say something, but i can't pronounce any words. i never think who owes me, i just think i owe this family too much. i didn't live at home too many days. even i didn't say something to everyone. just like my mom did before several years.

when i was twenty-five, i got married in a forigen country, i didn't go back. send all saved money to my mother.after that , i had baby, for hard work, i send my daughter to my mother-in-law.. and have been sending money to my grandma regularly. grandma told me don't send money home anymore, the life is much better than before. heard grandma said, i don't should happy or lost. i said to my husband , i should happy, right? because i finally can be struggle for myself.
at the age of thirty. i finally bought house in forigen country. i show grandma via wechat. and ask her come to me to stay for a while.
one day, i told grandma through video, i will prepare a little bit. and pick up you and mother come over next year, it that ok?
grandma just laugh, she is just keping laugh like a child.
she laughed for a while and say, i am too old, i really want to take a look, but it is really far away.i am too tired to go. i am very happy that you live big house. let your monther to take a look is enough.
mom took a breath and say, seeing you are well. i am very happy. your grandma's leg is not good. she even can't get off bed, i have to take care of her at home.we don't want borther you too much.
i hung up the phone after heard mom said. i don't want they see my crying face.
i lying on the bed in my horse, and seeing the outside view through French windows, suddenly felt like that the house had been bought for nothing.

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Reply wangjide01 2019-7-12 15:06
You are so great to support your family when you just 20s.  We always have some helpless in our life, we can't take everything well. What we can do is try our best to have a better life.

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