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Say Goodbye to 2011

791 views. 2011-12-31 14:34

After almost 10 hurs, we will stand on the threshold of fairwelling 2011 and welcoming so-called end of the world year 2012. No matter whether the world end will push on us, right now it's time to make a conclusion of what happened in the past year so that we are more encouragous to accept various unexpected challenges.
With regard to the year of 2011, it seemed somehow special to me because it was my zodiac year. It was said that there were two opposite results either quite prospersous or frustrated in the year. Although I couldn't completely count on it but to some extent regarded it reasonable concening my experience and people surrounding me. During the whole year, I thought unsteady for me mentioning the gap between my ideal and reality. However, I held it was a accumulating process and laid a fountation on me. Therefore, I seldom complained my fate but secretly strengthened my own belief that "opportunity was for those well prepared and beared hard-working". Sometimes toughness doesn't really mean a negitive factor from my understanding, on the contrary enriched our will and experience. Hope this transiton is also my turning point.
For the coming 2012, surely people have so many conjectures by watching the movie "2012". The whole end will definately befall? No one could give a confirmed answer. Only happiness can pay off.
Happy New Year and embrace 2012.

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Reply Soar 2011-12-31 20:21
Happy New Year. No matter what we've got or lost  will be left in 2011. Tomorrow is another day.
Reply rich 2011-12-31 21:02
2011 is your zodiac year? truly special for you. i also believe that opportunity is for those who are well prepared. i'm sure people like you will eventually achieve what you want to as long as you keep trying. with only several hours to go, we'll be in a new year. i wish you happy new year and the best of luck.
Reply samscri 2012-1-1 02:58
Be careful about the zodiac year...
Reply snowflying 2012-1-3 17:36
wish a new year bring Jessico new beaty new luck new enjoying new dreams!
Reply love_is_circle 2012-1-11 14:19
Wonderful conclusion, come on!

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