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New Job

1356 views. 2012-3-22 13:50

In a blink of eyes, I have joined into the new company for a whole month. Compared with previous company, Less spare time and further distance , while it's more challenging for me.
I wake up at 7'o clcok every morning and have to drive 30-40mins to get to the office. In order to avoid the delay and expect to get the non-leave pay, I persude me to insist on getting up earlier. I am sure this is an incentive for me and better to give up bad habits before.
In whole, I am still on the stage of studying and suiting for the enviroment as the complication of Microsoft products and also for a new business line for me. In fact, I was not familier with software before, which means I'd better make more efforts to immerge into the normal job. As for as my position concerned, I must understand the MS product sales strategy and drive sales to get the order. That's why more heavy responsibility is laid on my shoulder. Through product trainning and materials on company server, it seems I am heading for the direction of software.
Time will change everything. I am confidant I will find the right position sooner or later.
Concerning getting along with new colleagues, I never took hardship amd considered so many tactics dealing with them, but natually felt more comfortable and knew them by private and relaxed topics during rest time. As I said before, I was recommended by one of my friends to enter into this company, I seldom felt unsuitable in the right beginning. Right now, my important duty is to communicate more with sales and some Microsoft staff and build the bridge between them. For some old sales, I really have to find the proper communicating skills to handle the relationship. Facing Microsoft, I must present more capabilities. You can see it quite practises one's potentials. Positive for me although tough during the process.
Because of more stressful job confronting me currently, I become more aware of adjusting my apare life including my diet, mind-set and also expense. I hope I could keep the balance rather than beat down by the hard work.

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Reply bluephoebe 2012-3-22 16:25
There's a lot of adjustments in a new position, and you are doing pretty good. Girl, good for you and take care!
Reply snowflying 2012-3-22 20:09
congratulations! Jessico, glad to see you have been working a new job duty with your new colleagues of new company. change is sort of challenge indeed, but i believe you will deal with everything well depending on your wisdom and kindness. go well your new step,you have improved in a way, girl.
Reply puserzhou 2012-3-26 16:01
ha, nice to hear that you had already changed your job now, MS is really a great company, I dreamed to join the company before, it's true that your potentials will be practiced extremly! I am a IT guy , I am also your customer,you should reserve your time to service me I think. aha!
Reply samscri 2012-3-27 22:24
It's always exciting when you get a new job...Wish you all the best!
Reply Robert.yan 2012-4-27 23:44
You must face new challenge in new job. It need some time to adapt new environment. I'm sure you can get it very soon.
Reply Jimmy621209 2012-5-27 23:39
It is the first step that always costs some troubles.
Reply huakai97 2012-7-4 22:44
it seams that you have a nice job now ,enjoy it !

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