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  • Here I come, July!:) Reply
  • off to trip!! Happy New Year! Reply
  • Me gusta la mar, me gustas tu! Haihai's the best! Reply
  • still breathing, on the other side of the world, European sentiment, pienso mi la mar Reply
  • Tibet+Nepal, off the world till August 2nd^^ Reply
  • Real NameMao yu
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1986 - 3 - 6
  • Birthplace北京 崇文
  • Residence北京 朝阳

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davidjuyong 2021-7-23 20:25
Dear  Catnfish
How are you. Your English is so excellent. Where are you in now. What do you do now. I am expecting your return. I very very want to be a friend with you.
MrVan 2013-2-21 15:01
Hey catnfish I'm teaching Math in Beijing.  Back in Zhonguo.  hahah. Are you still in Europe?

Mr. Van
MrVan 2012-4-28 20:00
I posted the picture I found on the net on my photos...its definitely you...
MrVan 2012-4-3 21:56
catnfish : Hey again, Tibet+Nepal package is absolutely amazing ,and I bet you have no idea where I am now, quite opposite from you,I'm far away from home. In Eu How is the Masters thesis looking.  Its a rather heavy investment writing a graduate studies thesis so write it with the intention of publishing it. You have the advantage of being able to publish in English and or Chinese versions of your research.  Keep up the good work! ...
bluebayou 2011-12-18 14:38
hi,Wish you lucky.
Einstein 2011-6-19 18:37
long time no seen, beauty, what are you busy with recently ?
loong 2011-6-8 10:18
i fond of reading your travalogue
zolin 2011-6-1 15:23
so happy to meet U here
JMZ 2011-5-15 19:18
Hi!nice to see you !  wish you have a nice day!
touringchina 2011-4-21 13:02
you are great at making ups and posing for a photograph. Ms Mao, as you share the same surname with the initial chairman of the PRC,i am curious are you oen of his relatives. please be sure to reply to my questions first thing after seeing this left message. could you add my qq 1029907090, just satisfy my curiosity.
woods 2011-4-10 20:35
catnfish: Travel tight! hey hope you enjoy the spring of BJ v much! and tells us how it goes then:)
I sure do.Haha~
O'Bright 2011-4-7 11:04
catnfish: U too:) Have a nice day there!
woods 2011-4-7 08:05
catnfish: Hey~ Back from Turkey 2 weeks ago and now am busy with study.:(.. got a lot on my plate for sure~~~How have u been?
I have a flight to Beijing at 11:40 this morning~Haha.
ElizabethSLee 2011-3-26 20:10
hi!welcome to english group QQ146279166
woods 2011-3-14 21:02
Hi~what's up?Melissa
venus 2011-3-6 21:23
Happy birthday!
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