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lovingfun 2019-8-6 00:50
Que sera sera means whatever will be, will be. It is a song which was came from the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much . I saw this movie when I was a freshman in a college. When I heard this song first time , I laughed at the lyric whatever will be, will be, for I thought at that tim ...
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Shares Something About Children’s Education
lovingfun 2019-7-24 14:17
We all know that education is very essential to our lives. We can benefit a lot from long-life learning. As the time go by, we have many facilities to help us learning. But problems about how to learn ,especially how to teach our children is really a hard nut to crack. Nowadays learn ...
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Shares The Fourth Day of the Chinese New Year
lovingfun 2019-2-8 09:30
In Chinese, today belongs to the Kitchen God. In different region in China, people may have different customs to celebrate it. One of the traditions on this day is eating “Zheluo”(putting left-over of the dishes together into a meal.) This means that people will never was ...
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Shares Love Really Exist
lovingfun 2019-1-23 03:50
This term, I taught at a private school, which is dedicated in migrant workers’ children education, as a volunteer teacher. This school is located in the suburbs of Hai Dian district in Beijing. The head teacher of the school is a professor who teaches in Peking Universi ...
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Shares Should We Embrace Indoorsy Lifestyle?
lovingfun 2018-10-15 19:50
With the globalization of modern technology, especially the world-wide access to Internet service, people’s lifestyle has been greatly influenced. More and more people prefer indoorsy lifestyle, in other word, they would like stay at home, work or get leisure via the Internet. They ...
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Shares Life seems a cup of pure water
lovingfun 2018-8-24 23:22
Man can pursuit or pick up lifestyles which they like, but they can never deny the nature of the life. In my eyes, life just like a cup of pure water, you can touch it, feel it ,taste it , but it just keep the way as it should be—always keep the same way: no colorful, no variety flavors, no feeli ...
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Shares Understanding slowly
lovingfun 2018-7-25 00:46
I understand slowly that the more I want to seal my past, I do long for things such as daily’s real life, the ever past passion ,troubles I met before and ever romantic things. I know slowly that days need to be past day by day, we should taste life little by little. When I learned how to c ...
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Shares Just a story
lovingfun 2018-4-14 18:55
Recently, I found a video in we-chat. It told a story like this: There is an old granny, she is already ninety years old. She would celebrate her birthday.Her eldest son sent her some things as birthday gift, namely, three oranges, two of them had already went bad, a bag of some ...
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Shares Be happy
lovingfun 2017-10-4 19:18
When we was young, we usually feel very happy, or at least will find many interesting things to do, but as the time goes by, I often hear people around complained that there are too many things to deal with, such as kids education, monthly consumption, events related to work an ...
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Shares Photos that cannot remember everything
lovingfun 2017-8-30 04:21
When I was young, I used to climb up to the mountaintop, using my eyes to see beautiful countryside sceneries, my ears to listen all sounds of the nature, my body to feel the touch of the wind, and my nose to smell different fragrances of flowers, grasses and trees. Til ...
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