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Life seems a cup of pure water

255 views. 2018-8-24 23:22 |Individual Classification:Mood

Man can pursuit or pick up lifestyles which they like, but they can never deny the nature of the life. In my eyes, life just like a cup of pure water, you can touch it, feel it ,taste it , but it just keep the way as it should be—always keep the same way: no colorful, no variety flavors, no feelings. I like the word :” When the God offer you a cup of water, then you get your life from drinking it.”

Life just like water, it has no special meanings. What so called “poor or rich” , “honor or humble” are nothing but condiments which we add to life according our attitude and ability. Some people like colorful and exciting life, they just stir life into multi flavor sauce; Some people enjoy themselves despite poverty, they stir life into coffee;  Some like add honey into life, change it into sugar water; Some make life into tea, they like tasting the life little by little;  Some don’t know what to add into life, they just leave the life alone, and add nothing; And some people change their life into poison without knowing , and buried their life by themselves.

Some people lead an aimless life, they don’t know what they really need or want, then they just follow anyone like a sheep,  at last,  they gain nothing but misery. In my opinion, if a person set up a goal, learn to grasp chance, learn content and be grateful to anything, then he or she is not far away from happiness.

 Life is just like a pure water, it need us to taste , to appreciate , to change it with our heart, then we may create our great life through that very water.

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