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Love Really Exist

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      This term, I taught at a private school, which is dedicated in migrant workers’ children education, as a volunteer teacher. This school is located in the suburbs of Hai Dian district in Beijing. The head teacher of the school is a professor who teaches in Peking University. He thinks that the children of the migrant workers are hard to find a school, for seldom of them can get education in the public school in Beijing. He established a school just for those pupils. This school’s tuition fees are very low than the other same kind of the schools. The head teacher advocated that kids here can get best education, and the tuition fees are always cheaper than others on condition that all the money he get can maintain the normal expenditures (including the teachers’ salaries, water and electricity fees, etc.)

      Due to the most migrant workers mainly do small business or work in some factories, they have no time to teach their kids or they couldn’t teach their kids for they are illiteracy or almost illiteracy, theirs kids seem very poor. Most of them can’t get best education for the schools they go to are mainly private schools, in which most of these kinds schools just earn money, seldom do they put more money into qualified facilities related to best teachers and the basic electrical and educational equipments. The pupils’ grades are common much lower than public schools.

       When I taught at the school, I found that too many volunteers donate money or computers or facilities relate to study or something like that. Before , I just think that rich people only care about themselves, seldom do they care about others, even if some of them do good deeds just for fame. I read too many bad news about people who did wrong things, sometimes, I even believe that people are born in evil! Now, I totally changed my ideas. People who have a care heart are everywhere, they often do good things, they just make sure that what they do just worthy.

        Love really exist, she is just there waiting us to find. And I also make a decision that I will be a volunteer teacher at that school until it can’t exist.

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Reply wangjide01 2019-1-23 14:16
If we dedicate or help others , we also earn happiness. Try our best to help others if we have the ability. Thump up with you.

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