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Three golden puppets(三个金人)

697 views. 2011-12-9 14:06

Once a little country came to China, and paid three look-alike golden puppets as tribute. It were so resplendent and magnificent that made the emperor very delighted. But the little country was not kind and set a question: which is the most valuable among the three golden puppets?

The emperor thought of a lot of means. He asked jewelry worker to check them carefully, weigh their weight, watch their workmanship, and they were like as two peas. What should they do? The emissary was still waiting for back and report. Such a vast country, couldn’t deal with such a little question?

At last, a retired old minister said he got the idea. The emperor invited the emissary to the hall, the old minister took out three straws with assurance, the first straw was inserted into the ear of the first golden puppet and came out from another ear, the second straw was inserted and came from the mouth of the second golden puppet, while the third straw was inserted and dropped into the belly of the third puppet without any sound. The old minister said: the third puppet is the most valuable! The emissary said nothing because the answer was right.

What we can learn: the most valuable one maybe not the one good at talking. The bejesus gives us two ears and one mouth with the original idea of let us listen more and say less. Be good at listening is the most basic making of mature man.

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Reply pheidippides 2011-12-9 15:31
Yeah ,i saw it ago ,it is a philosphical story,share it.
Reply linda@crab 2011-12-9 15:49
thanks for sharing! learnt!!!
Reply Poon 2011-12-10 07:31

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