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Shares Happy Chinese New Year!
2012-1-31 16:37
Long time no see, wish all friends here a healthy and happy Chinese New Year! In the past spring festival holiday, I did nothing but eat and sleep everyday...To some degree, I wasa happy pig in the past need to wake up on time, no need to go to work, no bu ...
697 views|2 replies
2011-12-26 14:50
Year-end is alwaysHR's peak time,so you can see I have not updated my blog for almost one week... Everyday, I have to deal with a lot of e-mails, calls, interviews, and so on. Themost important issue I'm dealing with these days is performance review. Somebody ma ...
577 views|1 replies
Shares I’m Chen Atu(我叫陈阿土)
2011-12-14 15:00
Chen Atu is a Taiwanese farmer, he never went abroad. After saving money almost half of his life, he joined a tour for oversea visit. Everything oversea was very fresh to him, and because he joined a luxury tour,and everyoneown a standard room, it made him very interestin ...
1135 views|3 replies
Shares Shoelace
2011-12-12 17:07
Befor a performance master entered on the stage, his student told him that his shoelace had come loose. The master gave a nod of thanks, went down and tied it carefully. After the student turned back, he went down and unlaced the shoelace. A looker-on saw the whole shoot and asked in ...
812 views|3 replies
Shares Three golden puppets(三个金人)
2011-12-9 14:06
Once a little country came to China, and paid three look-alike golden puppets as tribute. It were so resplendent and magnificent that made the emperor very delighted. But the little country was not kind and set a question: which is the most valuable among the three golden puppets? The empe ...
690 views|3 replies
Shares Job hopping
2011-12-8 16:23
A said to B: I must leave the company, I hate the company! B suggested: I agree with your retorsion by raising my two hands up! We must teach the damn company a lesson, but it’s not the best time you leave. A asked: why? B answered: if you leave now, the company wi ...
516 views|9 replies
Shares Doctor
2011-12-7 16:16
A doctor was allotted into a research center and became the man with highest education qualification. One day, he went to a little pond behind the center for fishing, on the beam, the superintendent and vice superintendent was fishing too. He nodded slightly at them and thought: what ...
248 views|6 replies
Shares Madman and booby(疯子和呆子)
2011-12-6 09:31
A professor of psychology went to a lunatic asylum for a visit with the purpose of see the life status of the madman. After a whole day, he thought the madman were lunatic and he never saw it before. When he wanted to back home, he found the wheel of his car has been removed. “The madman did ...
482 views|8 replies
Shares Chance
2011-12-2 10:33
A worked as a white-collar in a joint venture, he often felt that his ambition didn’t get the appreciation from his superior. He thought evermore: it was wonderful to have a chance to show my talent when I met the boss one day. B, colleague of A had the same idea, and he did more, h ...
309 views|6 replies
Shares Something about myself
2011-11-29 17:14
I have been here for several weeks, and in the past weeks I did some translations work here, and today I want to say something about myself, so friends here can know me well. I work in a joint venture, nowadays I base at Hangzhou. Our company's national office bases at Shanghai, a ...
306 views|17 replies

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