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  • hi,i haven‘t been here for a long time ,miss every friend here Reply
  • i have to practise my oral english with froeign teacher these days for the preparing of a foreigh trade. Reply
  • how to spend the long holiday,maybe i should make a plan for myself... Reply
  • summer holiday is coming. Reply
  • happy new year! Reply
  • Real NameJelly
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1993 -
  • Occupationforeign trade
  • PositionI am from Jiangsu Nantong.I work in a hotel-textile company,is a specialist in high-end hotels for the provision of matching textile manufactures.
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happy new year 2019-02-04
Happy New Year to all my old friends here.Hope you still remember me ...Today i change my name from jeniffer to Jelly,cause the same name with one of ...
(995) Views|(2) Replies
11.23 2015-11-23
There are two man colleagues in our office,and they smoke really smells bad.but two of them are both my leaders,i have no gut to remind th ...
(1144) Views|(4) Replies
funny time 2015-11-12
today,when we have lunch in the Canteen of my company as usual.the dishes today look very delicious,and i can't help to have more rice than ususal.We ...
(1093) Views|(2) Replies
rainy day 2015-11-07
Yesterday i have wathed a good is a not new movie.i watched it tells a love story.the hero is a writer,the  heroin ...
(1136) Views|(7) Replies
about work 2015-10-26
today.i have received a mali of inquiry .the customer need 1000pcs of towel.he asked me about the CIF in the e-mail.what about CIF include?cost,insura ...
(1064) Views|(7) Replies

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caveman 2015-5-13 19:29
jeniffer: your new image looks intresting
Ebymas 2012-7-6 08:09
jeniffer: your image let me think of a kind of candy,and it is the very sweety one.
The second I find the image , I know it is the one I want .
The color and the smile present a positive goodness.
amoxilin 2012-1-30 10:40
jeniffer: Feel you are an intresting boy
You can't scold me like this ,all right~?
Ha ha~~
O'Bright 2012-1-22 23:21
jeniffer: happy new  year!
Thank you…the same to you…
Sumingyu 2012-1-22 16:28
jeniffer: happy  new year!
The same wish to you!
caveman 2012-1-11 22:38
jeniffer: your new image looks intresting
possible 2011-12-30 15:26
hi.jeniffer..happy new about you get a good grade in the final exam...i guess it must be a good idea~
Emily_lj 2011-11-28 20:49
jeniffer: Your image looks so intresting and creative,and you may a sunshine girl in my eyes ,hope you can be happy everyday
thank you !
最深蓝 2011-11-20 08:47
jeniffer: hi ,my dear friend ,nice to meet you's my pleasure to meet you! i have forgot this website for a long time.but right now,i come back└(^o^)┘
wolf13 2011-11-8 14:19
O'Bright 2011-11-8 08:56
hateme_babe 2011-11-6 18:17
jeniffer: hi,nice to meet you,my friend
kathena 2011-11-5 14:47
jeniffer: hi,nice to meet you ,my friend
Nice to meet you,too.
possible 2011-11-5 13:19
jeniffer: hi,nice to meet you,your hometown is Fujian and I also have a teacher from Fujian,moreover I like her very much ,she is very kind to her students.I li
i am glad to hear that someone like my homwtome~nice to meet you too~
异物 2011-11-5 08:31
jeniffer: hi,nice to meet you
Nice to meet you too, Jeniffer.
Sumingyu 2011-11-4 18:36
jeniffer: your image looks very creative and intresting.
I ’m  glad  to  be  high  in  your  favour.
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