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Shares happy new year
2019-2-4 16:56
happy new year
Happy New Year to all my old friends here.Hope you still remember me ...Today i change my name from jeniffer to Jelly,cause the same name with one of my colleague ,please be kindly noticed.Thank you all . Speciali wishes for you.May the Sping Featival Bring You Endless happiness and goo ...
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Shares 11.23
2015-11-23 11:12
There are two man colleagues in our office,and they smoke really smells bad.but two of them are both my leaders,i have no gut to remind them that you should not smoke in the office .do you have any good suggestions about this?or maybe something effective ways to reduce the smell of ...
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Shares funny time
2015-11-12 15:34
today,when we have lunch in the Canteen of my company as usual.the dishes today look very delicious,and i can't help to have more rice than ususal.We have lunch of six people in the table.four girls and two boys.One of them looked the rice in my bowl,he said ,wow, you have a big appetite,you even at ...
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Shares rainy day
2015-11-7 08:52
Yesterday i have wathed a good is a not new movie.i watched it tells a love story.the hero is a writer,the heroine works in a environment protection agency.they met in a journey on the train,and fall in love at first sight.The stay together for several days ...
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Shares about work
2015-10-26 23:12
today.i have received a mali of inquiry .the customer need 1000pcs of towel.he asked me about the CIF in the e-mail.what about CIF include?cost,insurance and frieght?this is my first time to compute the CIF to my customer,and no one can teach me in my company.So much thing i need to learn.And ...
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Shares preparing a new job
2013-12-16 16:55
what a pity!i have lost my job today,and the job is someway i like.As a matter of fact, i have been only work there forless thantwo months.It happened without any signals.Because our company has changed a new leader recently,and he thought the company need to make some difference.Thus h ...
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Shares film/
2013-12-9 22:07
Recently,i have watched a movie named《hungry games》.It describes a crude living environment.People in that world had been divided into 12 districts,and the same feature they had is they are all very poor.The people of these 12 districts did not have enough food and they had to seek the food ...
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Shares phone sales ablility
2012-7-10 21:12
today,i have experienced the phone sales.and the work let me know what is the patient,what is the good temper,and what is the ability of random strain...firstly,when you call the customer ,you should give the self-introduce that the company you have taken behalf of;then some customer will feel uni ...
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Shares cashier in the supermarket
2012-1-13 19:46
I was finding works from tomorrow till this morning,yes,sure,I have found a jod around my hometown this morning .It is in a supermarket and I am the cashier in it.I may work about 6 hours everyday,and its salary is suitbale.Today it is my first day that I work in the supermarket,and it is als ...
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Shares movie intresting
2012-1-10 20:54
It has been a long time since I last enter my blog.I am busy with my study these months.Now,I am in holiday.Moreover,these days I have seen some movies,like《第一只狗》,《阿甘正传》,and《邻家特工》. The firstmovie tells a story between a boy and a dog,the dog belongs to the pre ...
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