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When i knew dog could swim

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  The first time i knew dog could swim when i was watching a TV play named The sino-japanese war, at that time, i was attending primary school. The naval officer Deng Shichang's warship was hit by torpedo and he sank into the water with the ship. The war came to an end at the result of our lose. Deng knew that there was no chance to win the war, he would rather die than surrender, his dog swam to him and wanted to save his life, but he pressed his dog's head to the water and drown with him. I was really sad to see this, felt regret for Deng as well as this heartfelt dog. I would rather die for my God instead of so called the emperor. Wars had left us so much pains, see this world, war is still going on, doesn't it come up with a peacedul way to work it out instead of forces and wars? It's man invent the weapons, but they use it to fight against their brothers and sisters. I hate nobody in the wars, coz they are blinded and it's no use to hate, i just hate people think about their interests only and never wake up to love God.
  Later when i played with my little friends beside our small pond, my lovely dog little black came to follow me. Some certain guy asked me, "can your dog swim?" "I don't know", i replied. "Ok, let's see." He hugged my little dog and threw it to the pond quickly. My poor dog struggled several times with his legs in the water, just a few seconds later, he swam to the bank, and shaked his body to get rid of the water and came to my side. "See, your dog can swim" they yelled out. Hum, if you were not my friends and stayed with me, my dog would bite your hips to purple. And from then on, i knew that, dog can swim very good. What a pity, i didn't know how to swim yet, if i were a boy, i think i would swim when i was young. Coz i could learn it from my father. And now, our pond is no longer full of water, due to the environmental pollution, our pond becomes a small ditch and no more fish and frog inside it again......

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Reply Ausfrank 2013-10-23 21:07
Swimming is one of the most important skills in life. Why?
* ability for surviving, there are many examples that you can imagine.
* it can be an activity of socialising in life, especially when you are young.
* it can keep fit. Swimmers likely pay more attention to their body shapes than non-swimmers.
* It can maintain your good health. Swimming can Help maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.
* It is a rereational activity. Swimming is a low-impact workout that has many physical and mental health benefits. It fits people of all ages.

I would suggest you to learn swimming, it is not hard at all. Learn to swim is much easier than learn to speak English. Of course, this is your own decision and choice, however, will you feel comfortable if your abilities are rated below a dog?
Reply loly90 2013-10-24 11:22
Ausfrank: Swimming is one of the most important skills in life. Why?
* ability for surviving, there are many examples that you can imagine.
* it can be an activ ...
It's said that, all kinds of creatures originate from the ocean, and of course man can swim at the beginning, but due to the so called evolution, man can live in the land instead of the water, so i conform to the evolution and stand on the land, hehe, is that a nice answer about i cannot swim? I'm kidding

Yes, like you said, swimming is a survival skill for us ordinary people, never mind, if i got a chance, i will give it a try

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