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The most wise person in the world

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  Solomon, the old Israel's king after David, was the most wise people in the world, was born in 1000 BC(short for "before Christ"), also about 3000 years till now. Here is a story about him from Bible.
  Two newborn babies were gaven birth to by two women in a house. After a night, one woman found her baby was crushed to death, she took another baby quietly and changed it with her own dead baby stealthily. Later they were wake up and this woman found her own baby missed and a dead baby was beside her. She noticed her baby was hold in other woman's arms. She recognized that the alive one was her baby, so they argued each other, but nobody knew how to judge it. So they came to Solomon King.
  Solomon King listened to this case, both of them yelled that the alive baby was theirs. So he called sword man and said to him, "split this baby, then each one will get half ". One woman of them nodded her head, and thought "it's ok, then no one will have this baby". The another woman shouted out and begged "No, please, please give this baby to her, please, just don't kill her ". At this moment, Solomon stopped the guard and returned the baby to her own mother. The real mother cares about her baby's life.
  Solomon once prayed to God to have a obedient heart to God, so that he could uphold justice for the people and distinguish between right and wrong. It's recorded in Kings chapter 3. God said, since you prayed for it, no for your longevity, no for wealth, no for your enemies' lives, i will bless you what you had prayed and filled your heart with wisdom, no one liked you before you, and no one will like you after you. If you follow my commandments, i will lengthen your life. Later Solomon kept a strong and powerful country for a period time. 
  When he become old, he married many women, a quantity about 1000, God hates it. Some foreign women had different Gods, and it affected and lured Solomon so much, that he betrayed God and worship other Gods. God had warned him but he didn't listen to it. So God said, for your father David's sake, i will continue bless you, but i will attack your children and only left you one child among your mass children. Later his son continue ignored God's commandments, his country suffered from the disaster and rise and fall again and again, ......
  And God said, I'm your only God, for all the country and all the people, no matter who you are, which country you come from, as long as you listen to me and do as i told you, i will bless you......

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Reply warmjaney 2013-10-24 08:39
This story sounds familiar, oh it's similar as one story from <龙游天下> TV drama. Touched!
Reply loly90 2013-10-24 11:27
warmjaney: This story sounds familiar, oh it's similar as one story from <龙游天下> TV drama. Touched!
This story is not just a story, it was happened in the history and recorded in Bible......

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