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Farewell, there has more important thing is waiting for me and i'm ready to go for it, 天下无不散之筵席, time to say goodbye! If you are the person being blessed, we will meet someday......
2013-10-28 12:46 Reply|
The more you own, the less safty you will feel, what the most people chase is the false thing
2013-10-28 12:42 Reply|
I feel sad to see some guy i dislike here, always spread some vulgar infomation here, make the place not that pure and happy. My last advice for all guys here is, know God and love him, coz he loves u
2013-10-28 12:41 Reply|
The Croods
2013-10-28 12:09 Reply|
Enjoy your holiday!
2013-10-26 17:37 Reply|
2013-10-23 08:56 Reply|
2013-9-30 19:47 Reply|
Everybody is keeping moving on, good......
2013-9-30 12:07 Reply|
Time is limited and not enough, how i wish i could stay here for more time, now time to work, leave now......
2013-9-10 13:00 Reply|
The man who never make mistakes in words is a perfect man. So no one is perfect, but to try our best to be the one we like and admire
  • Yusuf: good words    (9-10 16:58)
2013-9-10 12:43 Reply|
As decreed by providence you have met him; otherwise you might have failed although you traveled a long way. Good night and nice dream!
  • Yusuf: goog night (9-7 07:37)
2013-9-6 22:09 Reply|
Eye shadows tomorrow again, good night!
2013-8-25 23:07 Reply|
I want free and wisdom
2013-8-15 23:23 Reply|
I think i had shocked my sister by saying so many strange words to her. All in all, i 'm not that little sister i used to be, i growed and changed. I wish they could undertand me later
  • sedgehead: I'm 61 years old and my older brothers still treat me as if I'm a little kid!  HA!  That's ok.  I still boss my little brothers around.  How many?  Two of each, older, younger, brother, sister. NINE! (8-23 08:01)
  • loly90: Jesus, really a big family! (8-24 20:57)
  • sedgehead: That's not my name!  HA!  I'm not a god yet! (9-13 16:04)
  • loly90: Yes, i know, in fact, it's OMG, anyway, take care and be happy! (9-14 12:33)
2013-8-15 23:23 Reply|
Uoops, time for dreaming again, good night!
2013-8-10 23:02 Reply|
Better to embrace beautiful things in life rather than seed bad things in heart, good night!
2013-8-5 21:24 Reply|
God has many good qualities like love, wisdom, justice, power, generosity, happiness. We should try our best to live learn from him, life should full of nice things, but be far away from evil things
2013-8-5 21:20 Reply|
The world is trying his best to change us, but we have made the determination not to be assimilated. We believe in God, and no matter how fierce the evil Satan is attacking us, we never give up
2013-8-4 21:21 Reply|
Tomorrow i will have eyes like panda's again....Good night, dear all, life is much more precious than staying up late. Our ancestors are wise, work with sunrise, rest with sunset
  • sedgehead: Eye's like a panda?  That must be a Chinese idiom.  我不明白 (= I don't understand). (8-4 01:06)
  • loly90: Oh, seemed i made a mistake, it's dark circle under eyes, like panda's eyes (8-4 19:59)
2013-8-2 22:31 Reply|
Work time changed
  • sedgehead: My work schedule changed.  But that's ok.  I make my own schedule these days!  HA! (8-4 01:13)
  • loly90: You are so free to arrange your schedule, good (8-4 20:00)
2013-7-30 13:01 Reply|

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