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Shares Family Stories
2016-8-7 07:48
Ku wasn’t born in Lemo village. Originally he worked for a Le family. The Le family head thought Ku was a diligent guy and married him with his daughter. Ku had four sons together with his wife. His sons were almost all capable, only the biggest son became a farmer. It’s a pity Ku’s ...
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Shares Awake
2016-7-3 21:28
One day, she saw a group of people in white clothes crying their eyes out in front of a pile of loess and burning dozens of paper money. The shadows of this group of people were so familiar to her. They should be family members. She felt so puzzled, it wasn’t a day for sacrifice, what were these ...
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Shares Four Paintings
2016-6-26 10:30
Four Paintings
The life of H company was full of work, that’s why I had no time for writing things here. Even though I’m busy, I have a hobby to entertain myself so that I won’t be bored by the life full of work. I also post these four paintings of mine in 2016 to share with your guys. If you like to enjo ...
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Shares Business Road
2014-11-29 16:50
Our contract with Pakistan Telecom is expired, so we’re busy dealing new contract. Because the quantity is one million, the competition is ferocious. The Pakistani boss Mahdu just came last night to negotiate the price. The purpose of ...
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Shares My DioEnglish Friends
2014-11-27 17:03
I’ve been a DioEnglish member for more than three years. The biggest gain here isn’t how many articles I’ve written by far, instead, is that I’ve known many DioEnglish friends here, which is different from general friends, we’re comrade-in-arms to conquer English. &n ...
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Shares Bi Family
2014-11-21 16:53
Bi and his wife Ci had five sons in total, which wasn’t impossible these days, but they were born before 1949. Bi grew sugarcane and sold them together with sunflower seeds to raise his five sons up. During spring festival, villagers liked gambling, Bi was no doubt there to sell his sugarcane ...
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Shares Four Calls
2014-10-30 18:48
It’s near the end of month and I still got more than two hours for free call with my Gotone service. So I decided to call several friends to see what’s going on. At first, I called L, who was my college classmate, to see whether he was avail ...
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Shares Huawei Story
2014-10-29 17:30
Though I’m not a Huawei employee, I’d like to write something about Huawei for it’s probably the most successful company of China since 1949. Huawei guy called me today to ask me whether I would like to go to Huawei, I could only replied to him I was sorry I had to stay at my current compan ...
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Shares A New Way to Learn English
2014-10-27 18:27
If you want to learn English well, so the first thing you have to do is to forget Chinese completely. When we were in elementary school, we learn Chinese with Chinese. In the first year of junior middle school, we learn English with Chinese, so how could we expect to learn English to native le ...
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Shares Philippine Customers
2014-10-24 11:02
The day before yesterday, I received Philippine customers with my director Meng. Because of the mistake of saleswoman, we had to invite Philippine customers for supper. On the road to Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Shenzhen, Meng seemed to be angry for she had no one to take care of her son at home ...
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