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Shares Walking Around My Village
2013-5-26 15:53
It was a cold winter day and I went back to my village through the icy wind. There was a light snow and I just walked ahead slowly. What was I going to do? I didn’t know and also didn’t want to know either. Walking alone the small river, I found it didn’t change to ...
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Shares Islamabad Life---Food
2013-5-23 14:12
To me, I never thought food was a problem while in China, but the situation in Islamabad was different. I brought food from China to here. Last time, my Pakistan friends said my food from China was really tasty. This time, I had to give most of my food out to them. ...
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Shares The Purpose of Life
2013-5-23 13:39
In Islamabad, I always liked thinking of the meaning of life. My Pakistan friends had their faith and could live happily. They had prayer several times per day and I thought it was a waste of time at first, now I don’t think so. If you don’t pray, then what will you do? Watchi ...
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Shares Painful Life in Islamabad
2013-5-22 12:57
I came to Islamabad last Friday. Because it was my third time to Pakistan, I didn’t have any special feeling on it. I went to Islamabad by Thai Airways. I just remembered the first time I went to a foreign country and I was excited about everything. Like most people did, I even took a ...
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Shares Chapter 1 Vacuity
2013-4-26 15:55
Change sat in his little room silently. Now he was thirty years old and still achieved nothing. Looking outside by standing on balcony, he saw a lot of tall buildings under the blue sky. He told himself, “What’s the use of looking outside? Not a small piece of l ...
389 views|3 replies Hot 3
Shares The Story of a Family
2013-4-24 16:49
There was a couple in a small village. They had two sons and one daughter. The daughter was beautiful, but two sons were born with favus. When the three children grew up, the daughter was able to find a capable man as husband. The brothers had difficulties to find ...
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Shares Quality
2013-4-23 10:46
My boss had a real headache these days. Our products received a lot of complaints because of quality. Technology Director was relieved from his post and Quality Director was replaced by another person. The phenomenon is quality from its appearance, family business ac ...
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Shares Live Again
2013-4-22 22:58
Change sat in his little room alone and got a chance to relive the past thirty years again because the God was moved by his pious prayer every day. Change was reborn in the small village Lemon. After his birth, he knew it was important to eat and sleep to make him ...
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Shares The Past
2013-4-22 22:53
It was Friday, April 19, 2013. I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to get up and write something. Since the birth, I’ve been through 28 years in the world. I learnt to read and write and earned a little money. That’s it. I didn’t know how long I could live, but I should ...
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Shares Life
2013-4-15 13:47
Having become tired of society life, I begin to miss school life. This morning, I saw students with heavy schoolbag and felt student life wasn’t easy either. Anyway, missing the past is meaningless and I have to live current life well and look forward to the future. &nb ...
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