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Shares Morning Work
2013-2-21 13:00
Open my Outlook; of course I need to deal with Flower’s email at first. Luckily she doesn’t have anything for me to do today. I just had a conference call with Flower and American customers. Only through the conference call, I knew my listening ability wasn’t good enough. Big Fatso’s c ...
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Shares A Kind of Simple Life
2013-2-20 17:15
I came home this Spring Festival and found my neighbor had a kind of simple life, but was really happy. At the same time, I wish I could have that kind of life too. Only by having that kind of life, I could say I belonged to me completely. Now I sold myself to the company and lived like a priso ...
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Shares Writing
2013-2-20 16:33
After Spring Festival, it’s 2013 now. Originally I thought my writing was poor, but at least I could write. After interruption of several days, I can’t even write smoothly to make sure of quantity, not even to say quality. During my stay at home, I finished Jin Yong’s The Return of ...
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Shares My Way?!
2013-1-25 23:09
I’ve been thinking of this problem for a long time without result. Day after day and night after night, I want to find my road. I’ve read a lot of biographies of other people and can’t find any useful clue from them either. I want to have soul-stirring things in my life, after all, lif ...
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Shares Desperate Man
2013-1-25 23:02
Qun was thirty years old. No house, no car, no appearance, no girlfriend etc, maybe we can call him short poor ugly guy comparing with tall rich handsome guy. He was born in a poor family by the countryside, which meant he was defeated by some guys while still being a germ cell. Both his par ...
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Shares Yesterday
2013-1-25 11:35
Last night, I had to deal with our Brazil customer because he had a problem with our wireless router. Since he is our biggest customer, we dare not to despise him and have to try our best to serve him. Fan stayed in the office until 21:30 and I stayed until 23:00. Meanwhile Big Fatso stayed ...
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Shares Abandonment
2013-1-24 11:55
Our past education told us to own things instead of abandoning things and knowledge wasn’t burden. I was a perfectionist and tried to keep everything perfect. This morning I kept keys in the same bag with mobile phone and hence my mobile phone screen was scratched by it. Looking at the u ...
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Shares Something from History i
2013-1-23 21:28
After reading several history books of Cai, I decide to write something. Reading history without emotion can make one understand history better. A man of ambition will become hero if the society is dark enough. If he becomes hero, he will have to deal with his followers or else his follo ...
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Shares English Dream
2013-1-23 20:43
Since I decide to learn English, of course I have a dream. I wish my English could be achieved to the same level of Chinese. Is it possible to learn a foreign language to native level in China? It’s meaningless to talk about learning English in English-speaking countries because most of Englis ...
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Shares A Genius
2013-1-23 10:07
I have a friend Change who does everything better than me, so I think he is probably a genius and I have to admit my inferiority. Last night he told me he wasn’t a genius. The early bird catches the worm, what about the non-sleeping bird? Chang is a non-sleeping bird. I get up to wash ...
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