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away from fickleness

667 views. 2011-11-18 16:25

Don't want to become mature, worldly, incommunicative and so on.
what 's more, i have  grown up to a adult and have responsibility for my parent. i  always  hope save many many money for them to offer them better life. i have struggled  in shenzhen with this dream.and found a good job last year in Beijing.
one year pasted, my pocket still  keep empty except for a notebook computer and some working experience .
Recently , i feel upset all the time without reason and diffident to my future. where is my way on earth ? my boyfriend understand me very much and ask me to calm down  getting rid of flickleness. i think what he said is right ,but i have some troube in this respect. i can't help thinking some negative things when difficulty suddenly occur to me.
it is so difficult that adapting myself to the social development .how long will this feeling continue?
when could i live my own life?

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Reply Jessico 2011-11-18 17:20
Girl, sometimes I really have the same thoughts with you. I considered a lot. For example, my parents spents too much on me, I have to use my capability to return them. Besides, I expect to find a good man while it's not easy to make the final decision. In addition, hope to feel more steady by getting a satisfactory job. etc.. All those are negative pressure. Actually, we need to change our mind-set and release our negative thoughts. Then we will get and enjoy more.
Reply Quncy 2011-11-21 08:25
thank you for your advice, i agree to release my negative mood and try my best to keep calm. Best wishes for getting rid of annoy as soon as possible.

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