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thinking well before act

1137 views. 2011-11-23 16:24 |

These days i feel unconfident,dispointed and upset,only because i never think well before dealing with some things.bosom friend and boyfriend have reminded me many times on similar problem without patient,but every time result always remain same.that is their advice never exist in my mind. i think that peopel should keep free all the time and do what they want to when they alive, talking,playing and so on.even sometimes i consider this naive character as my strength in present society.

however, i am wrong. i found that many people keep indifferent when you actively offer help to that one who need some help.Reversely,they look down on you .i have no idea what our society happen on earth.why are they so numb ,afraid and unreal? i can't stand it.

last night, i went to notify everyone to submit power fees as power card belong to me.when i came back, boyfriend angried a bit.he felt that my attitude wasn't right and looked like begging them. what's more, he thought useless words was too much to lose my dignity.that time i felt very wronged.

similar thighs prove that my attitude isn't indeed suitable only because of my not clear seems as if that really make me lost my dignity a bit.meanwhile, it will be not helpful to deal with some things hereafter in this path.  

in order to avoid falling into needless trouble in the future, i draw a conclution as follows:

 flows of dealing with things:

1) watching 2)judging 3) operation 4)summarizing 5)confirming

in a word,thinking well before act.

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Reply snowflying 2011-11-23 21:17
dear girl, don't be so upset and unhappy please, because you are not false,merely some straight and childlike, just your these pure character let me see your honesty to others. that's our human's presious nature,especially in such current society. many people hide their heart deeply ,locked their heart deeply, even say some false words against their true thoughts of inner hearts. believe do what you think is right, do yourself  forever.
Reply Quncy 2011-11-24 08:27
thank you,maybe i am later than others to mature. After growing up , i believe that i will become a mature and wise  woman like you .
Reply snowflying 2011-11-28 19:44
Quncy: thank you,maybe i am later than others to mature. After growing up , i believe that i will become a mature and wise  woman like you .
please use "reply",otherwise, i can't receive any messege if i'm not back here. lucky i'm back,hehe..

dear girl, you will grow up certainly, don't be eager, growing is a process instead of a result,right?

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