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Shares write to my elder male cousin
Quncy 2011-12-28 16:31
Elder male cousin is my unique brother in my whole family. we have same age ,only his age is eldereight moth than mine.in my impression ,he is a handsome ,considerate, responsible and charmful boy and always fright for me with other guys who want to bully me .in my childhood, he is not ...
1291 views|4 replies
Shares About Military Affairs of China
Quncy 2011-12-26 10:09
I have no interest in military affairs and politics all the time. maybe you feel that i am too numb, indiferent or unpatriotic and so on. how do you think of this matter? However, my boyfriend is in bound up with military affairs and politics. if war really happens one ...
1058 views|7 replies
Shares couldn't cutting off love.
Quncy 2011-12-5 21:45
only within two days, we had several quarrels with my love as a result of somepiece ofcakes.sometimes i think maybe i had made a mistake at the beginning which we don't fit very well each other. though he ishumor, serious ,responsible and love me de ...
1066 views|8 replies
Shares quit job one by one
Quncy 2011-12-1 16:37
since comingpresent company last year, many people are continuely away . May i will ever feel a bit sad .with time past, i have been accustomed to face the situation. my heart does not feel upset no longer. because i know, that isa extremly usual things nowadays. in the future, i ...
1205 views|12 replies
Shares thinking well before act
Quncy 2011-11-23 16:24
These days i feel unconfident,dispointedand upset,only because i never think well before dealing with some things.bosom friend and boyfriend have reminded me many times onsimilar problem without patient,but every time result always remain same.that is their advice never exist in my min ...
1120 views|3 replies
Shares away from fickleness
Quncy 2011-11-18 16:25
Don't want to become mature, worldly, incommunicative and so on. what 's more, i have grown up to a adult and have responsibility for my parent. i always hope save many many money for them to offer them better life. i have struggled in shenzhen with this dream.and found a ...
668 views|2 replies
Shares my friend who is terrible with directions
Quncy 2011-11-11 13:17
Every girl must hope own a leading boyfriend who is nice with directions. I believe most of mem are better than womenon directions. however, unfortunately, exception occursto me. Last night, traffic jam was so terrible that i had to walk home. i called m ...
852 views|10 replies


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