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  • The holiday is beginning ,I'm in the train to Guilin ! Reply
  • What a busy and full day,I'm just finished my homework ,my bed miss me very much ,sweet dream ,friends ^_^ Reply
  • Everyday is fulfilled with so many subjects ,but it's a good way which let me know i'm working everyday !See you later ,all my friends ^_^ Reply
  • She is going to leave by plane the day after tomorrow …… Reply
  • hei,all friends here,how's it going.Do you have a wonderful holiday?? I haven't seen you here for a long time,heheee...... Reply
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My hometown annual grand party 2012-02-15
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Ate breakfast with my mother 2012-01-30
     Hello,my buddy,long time no see here,how's your Spring Festival?Are you still at home or at work already?^_^........ & ...
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The first training course in TCL today 2011-12-17
   Several days ago ,there's a plan named "young eagle " held in my school by TCL company .In their worlds , to train some reserves for th ...
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how to describe our life 2011-11-29
   English class this morning ,the teacher asked us to write down some sentence in a piece of white card , for congratulation to othe ...
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snowflying 2012-9-26 20:40
Poon: surprise,surprise,will you?NOT share more things with you here a long time,but never forget you all the way.The Mid-Autumn is coming,are you re
ohh? Poon. why you have time today and visit here? you do have long time no see here,even than me. but i'm pity that i havn't visit here as regularlly as before. hehee.
snowflying 2012-4-23 21:10
Poon, you don't visit here? guy.
snowflying 2012-3-13 19:33
Poon : Hello ,dear aunt ^ω^,how's it going ?Are you working hard now ? A cut of tea ...^_^I got a rose seed several days ago ,how about sent it to you when oh,Poon, thanks for your care and greeting. i'm sort of fine now. and i often persuade myself no perfect in life, no full gain in life too, sometimes lack of something is normal and still to be enjoyed. your college is busy and nice, enjoy all of course in everyday classes. college is golden years indeed, so are shining like gold ... ...
joys88888 2012-3-13 16:28
Poon: Hello ,nice ,friends to be
snowflying 2012-3-9 20:58
Poon, you have entered into my first page on the friend list, cheers! bottoms up for a cup of wine!
snowflying 2012-2-28 19:29
Poon: ^_^Right ,everything would be fine ,but just a little busy this semester !How about you ?Wish you a better life ^_^
glad to see your smiling face here too. i'm fine, just some troublt in work. thanks for your oncern,Poon.
snowflying 2012-2-27 20:13
everything goes well in the new semester,Poon.
snowflying 2012-2-14 21:18
Poon: Happy Valentine's day ,did you receive  a bunch of roses?( ^_^ )
Poon, happy to hear you say so. no roses, but wines tonight,hehe..
loly90 2012-2-10 20:51
Hi, poon,  how are you? Are you still in vacation or studying in school now? I'm one year old than you, my younger brother
snowflying 2012-2-7 19:10
happy Lantern Festival.
panghuhu 2012-1-9 10:02
Poon: ^_^
haha  nice to meet you !
snowflying 2012-1-9 07:59
Poon: ^_^There's no need to mention it ,it had to be my honour to communicate with you here
you havn't read your pm, i have told distoried myself's rule.Poon
snowflying 2012-1-8 19:09
Poon, i'm failed to obey my rules, wish you happy at home, together with your parents,certainly!
snowflying 2012-1-3 18:19
Happy New Year to Poon! wish all your dreams come true in the new year!
liudan89 2011-12-28 15:55
Nice to meet you
snowflying 2011-12-24 21:39
Poon, send you a big red apple, eat at tonight's safe night,heheeee
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