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  • Mother still remember her child's birthday , even her child from a boy turn into a middle-aged man Reply
  • the next station is Huizhou . Reply
  • sometimes , the destiny is performed at what we act in our life Reply
  • a little cold . Reply
  • now is the spring , but lack of the sense of it Reply
  • Real NameTange
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1981 -
  • HoroscopeVirgo
  • Blood TypeA

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Blink in the Heart 2016-04-17
看一看 前路弯弯 Take a look , what is look like in future ? those road are uncertainly ; 见一见 花落池边 while the flower just layed on the pool sa ...
(1356) Views|(7) Replies
who is the biggest winner of life 2015-11-21
  just now , i checked the news in net , i saw a sweety picture .  it shows the faimily of Wang han (the Host of Hunan TV station .)   ...
(1414) Views|(5) Replies

To outstrip of authority

The name in tears 2015-04-11
   some said the pain would be cured by time , that was a lie .    you are the name lay on my tears .     the trea ...
(1627) Views|(7) Replies
The script of <little beast flower shop> 2015-01-24
  Recently , A Mini-TV soap  came into our eyes , it was funny ,and meaningful ; those script were so beautiful ,  watching that TV , ...
(2223) Views|(7) Replies

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shirleyytt2010 2017-12-12 09:05
hello ,dear, could you pls. let me know your WeChat account and I want to make friends with you ? Thanks.
cestlavie 2015-12-2 16:07
hi friend, i am back here :))
freefu55 2015-3-18 15:57
Hello my friend. Please add my WeChat freefu55 . Then you can communicating with nice guys. Your friend.
freefu55 2014-9-26 13:29
Hello my friend. Keeping writing or commenting. haha...
shilylyn 2014-9-8 13:19
    I did fly several times in my dream
freefu55 2014-7-11 20:47
Tange: actually , i am not good in recently ;
i got ill since June  3rd .
Go to see the doctor if need. Take care!!
freefu55 2014-7-10 21:11
Hello my friend, how are you doing?
Ebrushes 2012-12-26 09:16
nice to meet u here
moli 2012-8-20 07:51
Tange: the Qixi festival is coming , the traditional lover's day , hope it can bring you so much romance ,  haha
windie 2012-6-17 19:44
Tange: i am far from campus now.  but i still remember the dorm with several roomates . ...that was the best time
Quite different from you, I don't miss it at all. It is more a nightmare than a blessing to me. But I know it is I  that should be to blame.
Laura_Lucky 2011-11-27 22:27
the blog page of you  is too dark  . we cann't browse clearly !!!
CatherineChen 2011-9-24 10:15
Tange: Peking University , that is amazing
CatherineChen 2011-9-24 09:48
Tange: Peking University , that is amazing
lijuanandrea 2011-9-23 09:02
Tange: lazy man , so ....
u stay up so late,I was wondering how u spend ur time everyday? do u have some good advise?
lijuanandrea 2011-9-22 10:35
no more new blogs?
jf_jifei 2011-9-10 23:10
Thank you!
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