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  • Personal QQ 911591255 Reply
  • How wish that our working time is flaxiable like some company in the western countries, especially for the married couples, they can pick up their child in the kindergarden and knock off earlier. Reply
  • Hello, everybody, anyone who are willing to make friends with me, please write to me by e-mail I am looking forword to hear from you! Thank you. Reply
  • I feel pain all over my body. Reply
  • happy birthday to myself, haha. I felt guilty that I can not remember my parents birthday. My mum called me last weekend and remind me that my birthday is approaching. Reply
  • Real NameShirley
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1987 - 1 - 31
  • Birthplace广东省 惠州市
  • Residence广东省 深圳市
  • Blood TypeA
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Ride a bike to work 2017-09-21
  I remember that only when I was middle school student, I went to school with my classmates by bike, I will never forget the happy da ...
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Hope everything will be fine 2017-09-20
  It is about one month since my last writing , after the off season on July and August , our sales team finally embrace the busy busi ...
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26-AUG-2017 2017-08-26
When I open the my WeChat circle of friends , lots of friends are showing the enthusiasm about the valentine’s day. Since it is near the end of s ...
(74) Views|(4) Replies
Work Issue 2017-08-19
My schedule has been busy in this whole week. I have to say that it is boring to handle the paper work and feel uneasy to stare at the computer sc ...
(108) Views|(6) Replies
TV Series 2017-08-14
I focus on a soap opera whose name is Baby Dad from last week. The main reason why I choose to watch this TV series is that I can learn some oral ...
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snowflying 2017-9-14 16:03
hi,honey,how about you?
chouchou 2017-7-25 14:55
this is Nancy who sent e-mail to you
moli 2014-1-28 11:36
happy new year!
moli 2014-1-28 11:36
happy new year!
snowflying 2013-6-24 20:13
shirleyytt2010: Hi, snow, how are things going?
ohhh,shirley,i do miss you,so see you changed your profile.
shirleyytt2010 2013-2-21 19:16
I spent the holidays with my huaband in HuNan, it was nice experience, but I am suffer from cough now when I back to Guangdong.
kevin2012 2013-2-18 21:52
Hello shirley , how is you spring festival vacation ?
snowflying 2012-11-23 20:47
shirleyytt2010: Dear snow, long time no see, how are things with you? I miss you so much. I donot have too much time to visit you in the working hours.
oohhhh,dear shirley,surely,so long i 'm absent here.i miss you tttoooo.have good mood everyday.
Soar 2012-9-29 09:57
Happy Mid-autumn Day!
possible 2012-9-6 18:35
moli 2012-6-1 07:39
shirleyytt2010: Moli, happy Children's day to your lovely daugther, Cherry, sweet family!
Many thanks!
billwood 2012-5-15 17:34
shirleyytt2010: hello ,nice to meet u here .
hi nice to meet you
billwood 2012-5-15 15:00
shirleyytt2010: hello ,nice to meet u here .
hi,nice to meet u
sunnyv 2012-4-13 09:34
shirleyytt2010 : Hi, Sunnyv, Have you back to China? Any fresh feeling for the trevelling to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York? Wish all the things are quite we Hey Hi Shirley. Yes, I came back to China 2 days ago. It was a wonderful visit to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Mexico. Things are not that good in USA and quite a lot of people out of jobs and everything so expensive. However, the people are still lively and taking their Easter holidays at scenic places. So nice to be home h ... ...
marco_hoj 2012-4-8 22:07
shirleyytt2010: Welcome to join us.
ths very much...
sunnyv 2012-3-14 13:00
shirleyytt2010: I  admire you have change to visit so many place. Have a nice tirp.I just feel a little exhaustsed about my job. Our company moved to the new office w
Stand by you. You have my support. Cheers.
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