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Shares October Mommy
2018-5-19 15:11
Gestation is the most beautiful journey, it is also the most arduous journey, you need to be strong enough to overcome all the difficulties alone. Women’s pregnant experience are differ, some of them are in the serious sickness symptoms for the first three months pregnant period, while oth ...
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Shares Just talk about something
2018-5-16 17:11
1) After May day holiday, we can feel the extremely hot season is coming in Shenzhen city. In the day time, we can share the air conditioner during the working hours. But after work, when I walk home alone, I feel the hot sunny days is hard to bear. Hal ...
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Shares 16-May-2018
2018-5-16 16:16
Life is full of unexpected things ,although you thought you have settled down for everything and living an easy life, something would eventually happened to you. The only thing you can do is move ahead without any hesitation. Looking back for the past decade , for the ladies who are with the s ...
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Shares The First Visit to HK
2018-1-2 15:03
I never thought that I could have the opportunity to visit HK. Due to I am not the type of person who is keen on Shopping. Last time, I intended to visit HK for work business , due to some special reasons, the plan was cancelled. Since the expired date indicated on the Exit-Entry permit for tr ...
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Shares Practice Makes Perfect(2)
2017-12-9 16:39
Since we set up the English communication WeChat group, I am glad to know a lot of good friends and we practice together and get to know each other more. We cannot deny the fact if we are more proficient in English ,the chance for getting a well-paid job will not be slim. I can usually set asi ...
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Shares Double 11
2017-11-11 16:02
Today is a special day. It is the “double 11” day in China, maybe it is very popular among young people. Most of them sit in front of their computer or mobile phones , in order to wait for the big moment’s coming last night. Indeed, some goods are in a big discount, if you are able to seize ...
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Shares Practice Makes Perfect
2017-11-6 17:23
I really appreciated that some friends including the reality friends and new net friends are willing to practice English together via WeChat with me. My thankfulness for them is beyond description. From now on, I will spend more time on English listening , reading and speaking. I am expecti ...
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Shares Oral English practice
2017-11-2 15:27
After work, I set aside about two hours for oral English practice with my friends at night. I am sure that after some time , my spoken English would be much better than before. If you do not mind, welcome to add my WeChat , and we can make improvements together. My WeChat account is shirley_ye ...
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Shares 11-OCT-2017
2017-10-11 10:14
These most ideal life in my eyes is no need to be so-called rich level standard , but we have some adequate saving in case some rainy days happened. And we concentrate our job during the working hours. For one thing, is to make ourselves valuable in the society. For another, we need to make a ...
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Shares Seeking for another half
2017-9-28 12:34
I think before we find the right person to get married , we always set a lot of standard for the person we will be looking for. But is it necessary to set the standard so high? As female, we would like to find a handsome , competent and hard-working guy as anther half, we should take it seriou ...
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