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everyone love crystal crystal ho 9

586 views. 2016-1-17 22:59 | everyone, crystal

julia; see, what i predict, we meet again 


julia, have you found your uncle, 

ho;oh,my uncle, my uncle just move to a new place without notice

julia; wow, sometime people admire when i cheating, but today, i admire you

ho; seriously, 

julia; do you really have uncle?

ho;ok, uncle thing is liar, i just protect myself, when guys talk to a girl that which stay alone. what would they do. harassing , although guys think this is be socializing , and babbler, sorry i am not, i am not open. 

julia; good, but you joined in ours girl talk, so you still think i am someone out-of-box? i tell you everything 

ho; i dont wanna judging, cuz my bad time before i came to new york, could you imagine one of your family members betrayed you, locked you in the small dark room, brought your countless nightmare every single night. you are not one i should tell all my secret to

julia; oh my gosh. if i have such a family member which work in federal prison .

ho; so i have no idea, what will i go next?

julia; tonight, where do you live,.....

ho; yes, this is in urge, i should have thought a while, i escaped away from that trap, here is also big trap. a deathtrap. 

julia; i need a roomie, if you never mind

ho; nowhere to go, no family, no enough bucks, my life sucks again. 

julia; you are really kinda babbler, even no one chat ya, you can monologue for whole day. 

ho; wait, what did you say

julia; come to my condo. 

ho; i think it is my pleasure, maybe after i have a steady job, i move out. ok. 

julia; lucky you

julia; here we are, it is my condo

albert; ok, my honor. julia, i first see you bring your friend in here. 

julia; it is my bingo, see, ho, albert is our guardian


julia; there my house. 

ho; oh, your house in ruin?

julia; ok i just lazy to clean up. i have nanny to manage all stuff.

ho; surprisingly, even people like you enjoy nanny thing, people like me deserve to serve. 

julia; cuz i paid. hold on, the old guys live door to door is uncle snail, why we call him snail, cuz he do everything slowly, when you there with him. you will feel  the relative theory of Albert Einstein, i have no patience stay with him, be kind to him when he brag, you just listen and shut up. or he ll overreact, everynight he use his crutch to knock at your door if you have door. 

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