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everybody love CrystalHo 10

634 views. 2016-1-27 14:49

Julia; and here is catriona s house, dont disturb her, cuz she is fussy, like something in her name. cat. cold blooded as cats. this is my words, you can have your idea, i just give you an advice, dont bother anyone of gary s apartment. and look, here is ours Miss Fiona,she is LG tv salesperson, unlucky, she hasnt sold one, she should have donated this tv to the old house,.

fiona; hey, young teacher, who do you bring in, another pale face teacher, oh i dont know your social net before, a gather of pale face teachers make me uneasy. make me blue. 

julia; no she is my young sister. 

fiona; i never known you have sister, that sounds made up. who can buy your story, a new story. teacher julia. attention, i mean you knew some guys once came here and stolen from us. now you bring a never-known sister. i can trust you, can other guys trust you?

julia; i gaurantee she is my sister,i can show your her ID,

fiona; i know you have sympathy with those strangers, even she has id, how could we trust a stranger and look like you allow she to live down here.

ho; i am honest, i only stay inside the julia s room

fiona; can you tell me how we judge a man as honest or dishonest, something write on her forehead. 

julia; come on, your words a little defense, i think you can sharply talk this way to your customers, 

ho; and you are pathetic, you have time to chat with a country girl and ignore your biz.

fiona; country girl, why i didnt see this, your old coat can explain this, i am not worrying about now, julia , you know why, cuz country girls are no-brainer. they dont know how to steal sth like TU s Macbook. country girl, could you tell me what is macbook

ho; sorry, a book named Mac, who is mac anyway. 

fiona; ha, so sad, ok, i am not going to buzz here, cuz you ll make me dumb, bye.

ho; why people here cant express friendly, i am country girl, so i am easy to be labelled.

julia; ok, you ll adapt to, they are not they talk, they are so depressed inside. a salesperson cant sell out a tv. it s pretty sad, and she is from Spain. to this country, english speaking only, this is disaster to her accent. forgive her.

ho; i feel this day, i really in the deathtrap, i watched tv, people say new york is paradise, but why i feel it is a kinda evil. i mean i didnt do anything, i even talk less, but they are aggressive. 

julia; when something bad to us, we unite, nothing happened around, we often chat this way. 

ho; maybe i am sensitive. ok, in order to reduce yours disbelieving, now i can do sth like house cleaning. 

julia; maybe this is unique way let people think you are hardworking simple and stupid. 

ho; i originally am naive and simple, although people less brag to themselves this way

julia,;and you can pretend to be brainless, and those guy believe you are harmless. 

ho; ok, tell me where is weeper and bottoms, i am gonna make here tidy.

julia; ok, are you race horse?

in the catriona house

catriona; ok, you leave me here, now i stay alone, you know, my husband, my precious necklace accidentally lost, omg, bad lucks, this is all about you, you gone by, all  unlucky stuffs stuffed my body, i cant breath. oh,  ok, a glass of brandy can make me cozy,

nigga; ha. only a woman there, i get chance, oh, look those jewelry.oh baby you waste its value, give me, i take use of it. 

catriona; omg, omg, it is you again, why you do this often, you will be condemned one day. 

nigga; you are crazy, are you witch, you are not fitting for wearing this, poor me, give me sth, god bless you, you are too old to wear this, you are half under the earth.

cat; so you aim me cuz you know i am solitary, oh gosh, gangster, help me, gangster wanna occupy my treasures. mad. 

ho is knocking at the door; please open the door asap. 

julia; it is none of your biz, come back, you cant make thing prettier. you are really a brainless. 

ho; i dont care, 

julia; i told you dont bother anyone of here. 

ho; julia, no wonder people dislike you, even a tv seller make fun of you, you like sucks as same as me. 

julia; ok, dear, whatever you wanna do, i am home, i need cook myself.

catriona; oh oh oh, cuz i used remover, you think i am too old to move, you are judging, but if you wanna get those precious thing you cross my body. i lost my necklace, i cant cant lose these, your guys are inhuman. 

nigga; ok look you have the helps, who is she

catriona; oh my door, you, stranger broken my door. you bring more crazy thing to me.

nigga; oh maybe, yes, i needless to take away your cheap jewelry. i take this weak girl away, come on baby ,dad love you

ho; ha, dad, my dad is monster if you call you my dad. you insult my dad. my dad isnt charred pork. obviously.

cat; you must color blind. girl he look me like old, i am just 30, 

ho; he now is gonna blind. look, here

ho pouring dirty water toward nigga

cat; war is on

nigga; come on, daddy bite you

ho; you dare.

nigga; oh these wires, here is badass house, 


ho; lady catriona; i think he get intermittent seizure.

cat; oh you are a doctor, hey. i mean i am ready to look for a therapist, oh you are not only brave to save me. and a doctor, omg. where are you from. before i never know you, 

ho; oh i am cou,,i am crystal ho, i am Julia sister.

cat; oh really, this is lucky, julia has a sister, bingo!

ho; i call 911, you know 

cat; yes, no wonder he s terrible eyesight, he is patient, but why he out of hospital for rubbering me. 

ho; you are merciful and he is mad. he has a phone  the GPS navigate here. ok, i cant make up excuses for this, forget it, we carry out his body, let guys deal it, and nice to meet you.

cat; i am catriona. you crystal ho, come to my house. yes, let s hug. 

ho; hug, oh god, ok, hug

cat; so you are gonna be my friend

ho; you have no friend ever? here

cat; yes, only those strayed cats, i looked you are simple naive, no-harm dislike fiona, i dislike them, now i like you, 

julia; hey, hey, crystal ho, come here, i made tortellinis, enjoy 

cat; oh, julia call you back, i love you now, tomorrow, come here, i have tea party. 

ho; oh, god, ok i will come, my pleasure.

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