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after many day i come back again

483 views. 2016-10-28 23:26 |Individual Classification:Column

after many days, i come back。

i learnt it is kinda a trend, all guys has been addicted to weibo, news, and music. 
cuz we live in such a great period, info explosion and flooded into ours brain. we amused and pleased, cuz this is make ours mind unstoppably orgasm.

i have no time to update my blogs, cuz i also joined that joys.

i had been here for long time, since today i copy and paste my blogs here to Facebook. let more vistors read my ideas, globally. beyond distance.

i envy myself, cuz i unexpectedly wrote many words , about my travelogue, biography, or just be a bored storyteller. 

i missed that days, i shared everything. sometimes, like monologue or narrator.

but today i lost interest,i am developing into fragmental info maniac, cuz i am follower of weibo, or twitter, buzzfeed, or jinri toutiao, my vocabulary get going down, my knowledge get lacked. my thought  ruined, my intelligent gonna erased, cuz i  read lessbooks, and blogs, all nice idea exchange stopped by, my words limited, could not express what i gonna do precisely, i would rather like to upload selfies, pics what it is new to me, only smartphone save me, kill my time, know about my loved and hated , living with me,  like my lover.

we try to use internet map, dictionary, calculator,music,calendar,recorder, notices...........many real things doesn't exist. my words turn pales, no new thing come into my mind. life go messy. 

so i come here, i calm my mind, to rewrite sth. no matter what it worth remembering or reading, i hope we can pick up this habits, to write, to record. to be good manners and well-written. 

now we care about how many likes do we get,honestly,they aren't crucial.
actually i hope rewriting can reshaping ours mind and cognition. less meaningless chat, more useful, skillful minds and talks. 

and try to connect with people that we have same interestings. 

like two planets connect in the universe. 

we cherish each other, good enough.  

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