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Shares okay. something to be countinued.....
2017-10-29 14:42
When i updated my facebook, i suddenly reminded of my blognet, ok, here. a place for calming my minds and ideas. let me do any words innovatively,once i insisted blogging here. since from 2009, to my last blog wrote in October , 2016,An golden recording era ended。 cuz this is a trend. people ca ...
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Shares after many day i come back again
2016-10-28 23:26
after many days, i come back。 i learnt it is kindaa trend, all guys has been addicted to weibo, news, and music. cuz we live in such a great period, info explosion and flooded into ours brain. we amused and pleased, cuz this is make ours mind unstoppably orgasm. i have ...
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Shares after many day i come back again
2016-10-28 23:26
after many days, i come back there is a trend, all guys are addicted to weibo, news, and music. not popular my blog turns i was here for long time, since today i copy and paste my blogs here toFacebook i envy myself, cuz i unexpectedly wrote many articles, ...
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Shares everybody love CrystalHo 10
2016-1-27 14:49
Julia; and here is catriona s house, dont disturb her, cuz she is fussy, like something in her name. cat. cold blooded as cats. this is my words, you can have your idea, i just give you an advice, dont bother anyone of gary s apartment. and look, here is ours Miss Fiona,she is LG tv salesper ...
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Shares everyone love crystal crystal ho 9
2016-1-17 22:59
julia; see, what i predict, we meet again ho;ya, julia, have you found your uncle, ho;oh,my uncle, my uncle just move to a new place without notice julia; wow, sometime people admire when i cheating, but today, i admire you ho; seriously,&nbs ...
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Shares everybody love crystal ho 8
2016-1-10 15:17
julia say; idon't want to laugh at you, but i hardly know someone called ho, hoisn't nice name. somehow stupid and dirty. crystal ho take sip of latte, and enjoy this relax moment, but when she listen to julia and question about her name; she is upsetting again. then she ...
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Shares everybody love crystal ho 7
2016-1-1 17:59
ho:what new york look like? when i firstly know the city, when i watch it on tv, it is a collection of various buildings, i heard from people, it is both paradise and hell. broadcasting; welcome to new york. here is 2346 station. ho; that what i dream, grand central st ...
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Shares everybody love crystal ho 6
2015-12-26 13:01
ho; gosh, oh my god, i even not take money enough. my life sucks. what should i do said right. i ll face the music. i lose phone, no buck. bad. tina; hey you, that is my seat ho; even those hipster order me. what is hell of these! how dare them tina; hello, hello, do ...
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Shares everybody love hoho 5
2015-12-19 11:23
yonnve:here you come, my bff ho; yep, i need you help me out y; what happened? i;it is long story, hoho tortured. y;hoho, what s matter with you, my bff, now, i am concerning about you. i;all about her dad h;don'tcall him my dad, he, he is monste ...
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Shares everybody love ho 4
2015-12-13 15:47
ho; crying gently, heartbroken. ho; mom, mom, where are you, i miss you, really, since you pass away, nightmare have been coming, idon't know could i over it, yes, that day, i ll see you in the one understand me, only you, mom, perhaps, i ll gowith you tonight. ...
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