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The battery out of work

833 views. 2012-9-10 15:54 |

Every week l and my wife must go to see my grandmother who lives in lianhe neighborhood which is 15kilometers far away my house. Maybe both of l and my brother grow up with my grandmother, so we are all kind to my grandmother. No exception, in the day before yesterday l and my wife drive to pay a visit my grandmother. Nearly close to 24 o’clock, we prepare for going home. On the way home ,it is fortunate that my car is running efficiently. But the misfortunate happens where my care is nearly close to my neighborhood. When l pass by a fruit vendor my wife require that we should stop for buying some refresh fruit. Because my wife has 7 months pregnant, she must maintain body health for my child. At the corner, l stop my car for buying some watermelon. When l go back and prepare for launching my engine, l just hear “dididi” voice but the engine is out of work. Immediately ,l give a call to Skoda’s service center. The staff tell me that she will arrange a professional technician for solving this problem. One hour passing by, the service car finally arrive. The technician tell me that it cause this problem that the car’s battery is short of electricity and for avoiding this problem to buy a new battery is the best way to resolve this matter. According the service guide l must pay one hundred RMB for this rescue service, but it is fortunate that the technician consider that if we pay for this rescue service it should be so expensive for buying some watermelon, so it is free. The technician is so kind. Thanks my god.

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Reply aabbcc 2012-9-10 16:18
We ever met with such contitions like your car.We stopped our car nearby our company and then went to work.Unfortunately we forgotten turn off the lamp on the front of the car because that moring was too dark.Nealy 7 o'clock pm.When we prepared to went home.The electricity of the car had been gone away.Then called car serveice center for rescue.Then took some device to fill power to my car and the operation spent me 50 Y.That thing gave me a deeply impression that must check whether turn off all the device of the car when you'r left.
Reply liuli 2012-9-11 07:59
to some extend,you are very lucky,as you met a kind people.

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