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Company name: the name of Taché found its origin in the late Joseph Taché who, at the turn of the century owned a jewelry boutique in Damascus. One day, Jacques, his son, bought a parcel of diamonds and sold them to diamantaires traveling through Lebanon. After repeating the operations a few times, he felt that he needed to learn more about this fascinating business and decided to go to the capital city of diamonds: Antwerp.


公司名:Taché 的名字起源于已故的Joseph Taché, 世纪之交他在大马士革创立自己的首家珠宝精品店。一天,他的儿子Jacques,买了一包钻石之后,又把它卖给一个前往黎巴嫩的钻石商。数次之后,他觉得自己需要更多的去了解这个迷人的行业,于是便决定去钻石之都,安特卫普。


Principals: At Taché Diamonds, there isn’t just one personality, there are three. Three brothers who led the original family business to become a flourishing and dynamic multi-national active in all aspects of the diamonds industry and one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fine make diamonds in the world. Now the family’s fourth generation composed of 18 children, grandchildren and cousins in the business contributes to the success story.




Years in businessTaché diamonds, a leading DTC Sightholder, has been dedicated for the past 50 years to traditional values of craftsmanship and reliability as well as marketing dynamism.




Type of businessToday, the Taché Diamond is wildly recognized as being one of the finest cut diamonds in the industry. It is repeatedly cut to strict proportions to give its maximum brilliance.




Areas of operation: Taché diamonds has branches scattered around the world, from Italy and Hong Kong to Australia and New York. It also owns 2 state-of-the-art jewelry factories in New York and Mumbai, India.




Business Philosophy: For the past 5 decades, Tache’s philosophy has been to master each and every level of the diamond industry, “from rough to polished to fine diamond jewelry”.it has been achieving this goal by allying itself with upstream and downstream firms located in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, thus founding the Taché Alliance, a worldwide fellowship uniting the competencies of leading diamond companies striving to serve each individual customer to the highest standard everywhere along the diamond value chain. Among the Key members of the Alliance is Design Works Jewelry Group Member since 1984, the firm conducted by Victor Weiman and his three sons, has grown exponentially to become one of the industry’s finest and largest diamond jewelry manufactures.


经营理念:在过去的50年里,塔斯精通钻石领域的各个环节,“从毛坯到成品钻石,到精品首饰,”通过结盟美国,欧洲,亚洲,非洲等上游和下游公司实现这一目标, 从而建立塔斯同盟,在全球范围内集结领先钻石公司的优势,力争以最高的标准服务于钻石价值产业链各个环节的每位客户。其中主要联盟成员是1984年成立的Design Works Jewelry Group Member,这个公司在Victor Weiman 和他三个儿子的运营下迅速成长,成为行业内最好、规模最大的钻石饰品制造商之一。


What are Tache’s Short and Long-Term Goals?


When talking about short and long term goals, the three brothers agree on the fact that one cannot be considered without the other; both short and long term goals are intimately related. The fundamental aim they pursue is to strengthen its strategy of vertical integration commenced some decades ago by looking for new distribution channels and improving the existing ones as well as foster co-ops in order to offer value-added and differentiated goods.




What are the greatest challenges Taché foresees in the future



A great challenge was when DTC launched its supplier of choice initiative last January. “To become diamond jewelry marketers and stimulate the demand for diamond jewelry through branded goods, is indeed a challenging and demanding task for all of us sightholders,” shares Joseph Taché, the financial head of the company. “Fortunately, we have preparing ourselves for this, through our alliance, without; by the way, consciously knowing the DTC would specifically demand it one day,” adds the large stones department expert. Isaac Taché. “Just following our instinct and vision, really it feels good to know we have been evolving I n the right direction all long,” continues Robert Taché, heads of small goods department.


一个大的挑战就是去年一月份DTC开始推出的选择其供应商的政策。“要成为钻石首饰经销商,并通过品牌产品刺激钻石饰品的需求,实际上是所有看货商的挑战和艰巨的任务,” Joseph Taché, 塔斯公司的财务负责人分享说。“幸运的是,我们通过联盟一直在准备着,此外,顺便说一句,我们意识到DTC总有一天会有这样的要求,” Isaac Taché, 塔斯大货部门负责人说。“仅凭借我们的直觉和远见,知道我们一直朝正确的方向发展感觉还是很不错的。” Robert Taché,塔斯小货部门负责人说。


How does the company give back to the community?



One of the outstanding achievements to the community is the joint venture created in 1995, from a consortium of the Mineworkers Investment Company and Taché Diamonds, encouraged by the DTC. The vision of this newly created wealth for the mine workers of the very region where the diamonds are mines, and thus commit to an ongoing sustainable development for South Africa. SA Teemane has become the first black-empowered sight holder of South Africa. Managed by Archie Luhlabo, a now prominent figure in his country, the company is a successful and key player in the South Africa diamond industry.


其中杰出的成就是1995年在DTC的鼓励下,由矿工投资公司和塔斯钻石公司联合创建的合资企业。这个在钻石还是矿石的特别地区,为矿工新兴创建的财富前景,并承诺坚持执行南非的可持续发展。SA Teemane 成为南非第一个黑人被授权的看货商。由Archie Luhlabo经营,现在他已经成为他们国家一个十分杰出的人物,公司也成为南非钻石行业非常成功和重要角色。


What is the Tache’s Greatest Aspiration?


The Tache’s greatest aspiration is to strive to maintain the unmatched standards of quality, consistency and commitment of excellence they have been so famous for through the years to come.


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Good translation work.
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sunnyv: Good translation work.

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