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Shares i own you a thank you
lijuanandrea 2017-8-12 12:51
This happened two weeks ago. On the saterday morning,i was a little bit late to work, actually i got up at 6.00 in the morning every day, i dressed up and prepared my son 's breakfast, got all his bottles and cups boiled, it's already 7:10,so i ran to the bus station without haveing my breakfast. ...
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Shares Have you ever scared of something?
lijuanandrea 2017-8-11 09:50
AnearthquakehittedSichuanprovincerecently,severalpeoplediedandmanyinjured.Ijusthopewecangetthroughit.Butonethingkeepshanginginmymind.&n ...
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Shares Nanny
lijuanandrea 2017-7-18 15:15
I have lots of things to say about nanny. My son is one year old and two months now, and now he is at home play with his Nanny. A month ago, when I was in my office, my husband called that our Nanny broke her arm and his son had taken her to hospital, my heart beats quickly, I ...
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Shares Back to work
lijuanandrea 2017-6-12 17:32
Finally i make up my mind,go back to work。my baby is one year old now,but that was the hardest one year to me,so many things,exactly bad and unhappy ones came up together. still,i cannot help myself crying when looking back my elder brother,who Love me most in this world suffering from a car ...
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Shares Changes in my life
lijuanandrea 2016-4-15 16:25
I am not an ambitious person and easy satisfied, this is what I am in my friends’ eyes. Indeed, I agree with them. Keep a peaceful mind is what I pursuer for. Almost two years ago, I got married, my husband is an ordinary person too, and his parents left him both when his was in junior ...
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Shares My translation
lijuanandrea 2015-6-17 15:11
Profile 简介 Company name: the name of Taché found its origin in the late Joseph Taché who, at the turn of the century owned a jewelry boutique in Damascus. ...
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Shares Emails between Chalie and me
lijuanandrea 2015-6-16 19:36
Hi Chalie i do feel uncomfortable about ur email this time, what do you mean that i don't feel comfortable, i think i have told you clearly that i cannot understand most of the items, you didn't provide me any background information, and i know nothing of Flanders and the royal family at all. Sinc ...
456 views|4 replies Hot 2
Shares Don’t ask for too much
lijuanandrea 2015-6-16 17:40
Just now I received an email from an old man named Chalie who is from Antwerp. He is complaining that I didn’t do the translation for him and said to lily that I didn’t feel comfortable for that. I knew none of them at the beginning, once Chalie came to China for his bu ...
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Shares Coffee in my office
lijuanandrea 2015-6-16 16:25
Years ago, I went to HK to participate in the jewellery show in HK, our HK office prepared a coffee maker on the exhibition booth, I found that it very helpful since we got up very early in the morning and slept late in the night during that period of time. Every day ...
490 views|4 replies Hot 2
Shares Nothing to do
lijuanandrea 2015-6-15 17:26
Usually we will have a meeting on Monday, but today I am so free that even don’t have one. Walking from one office to another, one of my colleagues is online shopping, another one is watching TV program by cell phone, and one is reading a book. We don’t have so much busines ...
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