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Jimmy9 2013-4-9 14:26
long time no see,fellew-townsman.
bluephoebe 2012-9-6 16:50
lijuanandrea: long time no see, where are you/ come back quickly
Dear, long time no see. wish everything be all right
heai88 2012-7-12 17:38
lijuanandrea: your avatar is so cute, where did you find it ?
,Really? Honestly, I wanted to change it before, hehe..Sorry, I have forgot where I found it. It seems that a friend sent to me through QQ while I chated with him online.
秋夜无限 2012-7-12 14:27
lijuanandrea: 法轮功?i am dizzyling
You're really funny. No, of course it isn't Falungong.
Jimmy9 2011-10-22 20:04
Nice to meet you ,i'm from baoji,also work in guangdong province.
lean 2011-10-21 22:41
oh, look at your display picture and mine, we are both kitties~
Tange 2011-9-22 22:12
lijuanandrea: no more new blogs?
lazy man , so ....
jason12088 2009-5-6 21:38
nice to meet u.  welcome

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