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Something About My Trip to Nankunshan 2011-12-31

1094 views. 2011-12-31 22:43

Three days company's holiday had come to an end. How nice to have some extra days for relaxation. Who don't grateful for that? It's obviously precious. This time we went to Huizhou Nankunshan. It's a lovely place likes many other resorts. I prefer this time's living condition the best. I even can enjoy hot-spring at my room albeit is not optional. There is a PC I may access the internet whenever I was available. And I enjoyed swinging and other equipments in the balcony too.

As a matter of fact, I was as busy as a bee in the whole trip, and somehow like a nanny. Anyway, the hot-spring, volcanic bath and body massage did comfort me a lot in the evening. I enjoyed them very much indeed!

I am the one who always come up with good ideas and do well in comforting people. After our funny eating meeting, we allocated the drawing stubs to everyone. I asked Xiaoyao to confirm whether the draw-box had bought. She said she had instructed Dandan to prepare for it. "I deem you must confirm it with her again otherwise tonight we may going to be a joke". I reminded Xiaoyao. Technically and personally, I cannot count on Dandan for everything. Alas! She forgot to bring it. Xiaoyao was crazy and irritated all at once. You could imagine how troublesome it could be. I calmed her down and assured her that everything would be ok. Yeah, I always believe miracles could happen and we could find a way out.

We failed to buy the ping-pong balls. So the most conservative way was to ask the hotel reception desk for papers, we intended to use the paper and wrote in numbers instead. But it looked exceedingly ugly comparing with the stubs we have given out. We didn't have much time left and the restaurant was waiting for us to order food. I asked the restaurant whether they can help or have printers. Their answers were quite upsetting. One waitress talked to me "I am sorry, here is countryside, and we don't even have a chance to appreciate hi-tech equipments". I was dumbfounded.

Xiaoyao was quite frustrating, so I soothed her "Oh, no worries, I am sure the hotel can help us. Here we have our guide who can talk to the hotel and solve the problem". Surprisingly, the hotel tried all their best to help us out and finally we completed our drawing activity joyfully though I was not the lucky one. Ha!

We had one of our Japanese customers who joined our trip. He forgot to take his wallet and a shirt with him when he checked out. So I took it to him in a handbag.

By the way, we hired two buses for our trip and some of the others drove their own cars. Japanese customer was on my boss's car previously and he thought he might be there when on his way back. But things can change and his idea changed too. He wanted to go back to our company so he joined the bus instead. When we reached our destination, the Japanese customer found that he forgot his wallet in my boss's car. He asked me for help, so I called my boss straight away. Unfortunately, boss's mobile was power off. The Japanese customer was agitated as well as upset because he had to catch the flight at next early morning and all his important certificates and identifications were in that wallet.

It took all my efforts to reassure him. Delightfully, my boss's mobile worked again, so you may guess the result. Yeah, the Japanese customer was very happy and grateful for me. What's more, I received his thankful letter this morning. Ha! And he says he will bring me a thanks gift next time.

Want to be happy? Try to help others out of troubles, you may share the share happiness with them.

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Reply snowflying 2012-1-3 18:11
happy  New Year to you and your family, wish more and more and more happiness in the new year, ahaa, Smiling.
Reply SmilingAngel 2012-1-4 13:11
snowflying: happy  New Year to you and your family, wish more and more and more happiness in the new year, ahaa, Smiling.
Thank you Snowflying.
Yeah, Happy New Year to all of us

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