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Cold Winter

Hot 274 views. 2022-1-12 11:24

Last night’s temperature was at -7 °F ( -21.67°C), it was brutal. If you put a bottle of water outside, it would be frozen within thirty minutes. I feel so bad for those animals that live out there in the wild. How can them survive in such a harsh winter climate? I understand a lot of animals migrate to somewhere warmer, but what about those hibernate in the winter? The weather is freezing cold to stay asleep. I might be dead if you left me out for just an hour, let alone staying in the wild for a whole winter.


Animals’ cold weather adaptation abilities are far better than humans. Some of the animals must stay active to remain alive, deer is one of them. A lot of people get into accident in the winter, because of the deer often jump out of nowhere. I always in awe when I see a deer jumping out of the road in a snowy winter.


It is really lovely to see animals coming out during the spring time. We are very fortunate to have bunnies, squirrels, chipmunk, and woodchuck to visit our backyard from time to time. 3 years ago, we had a bunch of bunny babies hidden in the grass in our backyard. I was thrilled to discover them. Of course, birds wouldn’t miss the beautiful spring in here. Animals are so resilient.