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A Cool Blonde

43 views. 2022-1-14 11:47

I came across this blonde young lady a few years ago in the forum I frequent. She is so fascinating to me, and she is just so cool. I wish I could be her friend! She shares her life stories and adventures with the world, and her life is extremely interesting. She is an American, who went to study in Thailand for a few years to be an exchange student for a master degree in mechanical engineering. Oh, she received full scholarship to study in there.


Imagine how hard it would be for her to study in Thailand without knowing any local language. She was very optimistic, and tried her very best to learn everything, and got herself acclimated to the new environment. Her life in the beginning of living in a foreign land was tough, although it got easier day by day. She had a very nice professor, and he helped her every step of the way. He even gave her a motorcycle, so that she could tour the local area. How thoughtful!


With all the dedication and efforts she put into learning the Thai language, in a few months’ time, she was able to communicate with other people efficiently. Very soon, she became an acquaintance to the locals, and her Thai language became better and better. Thanks for her part-time teaching English online to Chinese students, with the money she was able to travel far and near, and enjoyed local holidays, festivals, and all kind of activities. Thailand was not strange to her no more, and she actually fell in love with this country. She had many beautiful moments in Thailand. I truly admire her diligence, braveness, and adventurous spirit.


Finally, she earned her master degree, and went back to America. A lot of people in Thailand miss her, and she misses them as well. She talks about Thailand all the time, and she did go back there once to see the people she knew. In America, she works as an engineer, study whenever she has time, and take on all kind of adventures. Oh, she even took a crocodile wrestling class. I have never heard of any class like this before, until I saw the pictures of her wrestling with crocodiles. Incredible!


I have met with a lot of blondes before, but they are not very cool. This is the only blonde that is so unique, humble, unpretentious, and practical. I would really like to have such a friend.

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