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To be Thankful

Hot 1136 views. 2022-1-17 11:11

We should always be thankful for anything that other people have done for us. To be thankful is also one of the secret ingredients to be happy. If we take things for granted habitually, we would find ourselves very difficult to be satisfied and would always feel discontented with life.


This particular worker of ours, David, he does not know how to be appreciative. David complained to us today that he wanted to quit, because we put him into a shitty situation in which he couldn’t pay his rent. David has worked for us for over 3 years now, and he knows that we don’t work January and February, sometimes even March, due to the bitterly cold weather. During this time, we would still offer workers hours, if they want to work, or else they can claim unemployment for a little while. Instead of working outside, we offer them to work inside the warehouse where they would do some cleaning, building shelves, and do some maintenance work. David didn’t want to do any of this, so he chose to go for unemployment. Today he received his first unemployment check, it was only nearly two hundred dollars. He was pissed, and disgruntled. That’s why he wanted to quit.


The thing is that David didn’t put in many hours like other workers did. I checked his last years record, he only worked 40 hours a handful of times. He took too many days off, and he always late to work and left work early. The unemployment department only gives you what you deserve.


I don’t think David can ever find any employer nicer than us. David is poor, he doesn’t drive and he is too lazy to take a bus. We felt bad for him, so we pick him up almost every morning, and drop him off after work for the last three years. We have never asked him for gas money, nor complained the time we have put into him. The universal rule in here, lunch breaks are only 30 minutes, but we give our workers an hour with pay. David always exceeds his lunch breaks, not only that, we buy him lunch regularly. On top of everything, David borrows money from us all the time. We should have never been that lenient with him, I think we have recreated a parasite, a blood sucker. He doesn’t appreciate anything we have done for him, we have given him, and we have helped him. He simply takes everything for granted, and he doesn’t understand that it’s not our responsibility to cover any of that. We help him with everything, only because we are nice.


We are decided not to keep David if he keeps it up, maybe it’s time for us to let him go, and it’s time for him to fend for himself. Honestly, I don’t believe David will ever find another job as flexible as this one, and I am sure no employer will be as nice as us. I hope we haven’t disabled him, as he is so used to us helping him.


When we don’t take things for granted and be grateful for everything, life would be a lot prettier and happier. If you realize, a grateful person, is usually a content and happy person.

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Reply teadrinking 2022-1-17 15:47
That is the attitude to life I always believe to hold. Gratitude is the criterion behaving us what we should do with great thankfulness. Only by doing this, a man eventually deserves what he should have.
Reply SmilingAngel 2022-1-18 10:47
teadrinking: That is the attitude to life I always believe to hold. Gratitude is the criterion behaving us what we should do with great thankfulness. Only by doing ...
Gratitude is truly important if we want to feel happy and be content.

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