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Short Story

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This gentleman was minding his own business in the park, then he heard a little girl crying. He went to console her, and tried to figure out what happened. The little girl told him that she lost her beloved teddy bear, and she couldn’t find it anywhere. The kind gentleman looked everywhere for her teddy bear, but nowhere could be found. He told her that they could go back the next day to try to locate it again. The next day, they came back to the park, the kind gentleman handed her a letter. The letter says that her teddy bear left to see the world, and it will write to her about his traveled journeys. The little girl was no longer sad anymore, and she was looking forward to hearing from her beloved bear. This kind gentleman wrote to her all the time pretending to be her teddy bear. One day he bought a teddy bear and gave it to the little girl, but she said it’s not hers. He told her that because teddy bear has been traveling around the world, and he doesn’t look the same anymore. The kind gentleman died a few days later after giving the little girl that teddy bear. Soon enough, the little girl found a note inside the bear’s belly. The kind gentleman says sometimes lost love can’t be found, but it can be compensated one way or another.

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Reply Dempsey 2022-1-20 13:17
It is so moving a story, and I believe we all need our beloved ones and those who care for us.
Reply SmilingAngel 2022-1-21 11:51
Dempsey: It is so moving a story, and I believe we all need our beloved ones and those who care for us.
We should always cherish our beloved ones.

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