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Life is full of surprises & miracles could happen
  • rainbowgirl: i agree with you ,you don't know what will happen in the next moment. (12-27 20:01)
  • SmilingAngel: (12-29 07:10)
2011-12-26 21:19 Reply|
I love smiling, laughing as well as giggling.~
2011-10-30 19:20 Reply|
Rest in Peace baby girl. You're in a better place now and I hope that you are surrounded by love and compassion. My heart aches for you.
  • 异物: I feel happy for her. (10-26 03:42)
  • SmilingAngel: To some extent, Yes, I feel happy for her too. Physical and and mental suffers are no more. (10-30 18:55)
  • 异物: Yep, this ugly world does't deserve her. She's better off dead than alive in a world like this. (10-31 03:32)
2011-10-22 16:45 Reply|
Your character is constantly radiating, communicating. From it, in the long run, I come to instinctively trust or distrust you and your efforts with me.
2011-10-14 22:39 Reply|
You may say you care about and appreciate me. I desperately want to believe that. But how can you appreciate me when you don’t even understand me? All I have are your words, and I can’t trust words.
2011-10-13 22:54 Reply|
Empathy is not sympathy. Sympathy is a form of agreement, a form of judgement. And it is sometimes the more appropriate emotion and response.
2011-10-12 21:11 Reply|
The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.
2011-10-11 22:02 Reply|
You cannot get mad at anyone else except yourself if you succumb to your own fears and don't proceed.
2011-10-8 22:34 Reply|
Change your thoughts and you change your world.
  • bigcat: you said it,good luck (10-8 19:17)
2011-10-8 07:42 Reply|
Sad day for the world. Our prayers for Steve Job's family.
2011-10-6 09:56 Reply|
Laughing can soften the blows. As someone once said, humor is a free ride to happiness. Not only is it good for your heart, but also for you and the people near you.
  • lchh: You too had the talent!Gorgeous! (9-30 11:02)
  • winner: is it really ? (10-2 18:17)
2011-9-29 20:30 Reply|
Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
2011-9-28 21:01 Reply|
We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.
2011-9-26 22:34 Reply|
Always aim for achievement and forget about success.
2011-9-24 22:20 Reply|
We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
  • Gllen: the wonderful future is waiting for you!try your best to catch it! (9-23 22:55)
2011-9-23 21:58 Reply|
All that you do, do with your might; things done by halves are never done right.
2011-9-22 21:34 Reply|
Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.
2011-9-21 21:20 Reply|
One is weak and useless if he is honest and ignorant; but it is dangerous and horrible if he has knowledge but is not honest.
2011-9-20 22:05 Reply|
Happiness of life is created through personal efforts.
2011-9-18 20:45 Reply|
The most steadfast friendship is formed in common hardship, just as the hottest fire can cast the best iron.
2011-9-18 09:23 Reply|

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