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redapple2 2012-5-9 21:30
Hey, smilingangle, where are you?
Jimmy9 2011-11-27 09:37
nice to meet you,my friend!
nandan 2011-9-19 21:29
your  english is so good ,i feel so sadly
zolin 2011-5-21 00:29
littlegrass 2010-9-24 11:13
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
littlegrass 2010-6-16 11:29
Happy Zongzi Festival!
waywendy 2010-6-1 22:42
hey , SmilingAngel , long time not seeing u . Where have u been ? How are you ?
Sally_Fan 2010-5-6 08:33
Long time no see, how are you these days, does your work go smoothly, wish you good luck!
freedog 2010-3-28 22:14
Haven't come here for a long time. Haven't seen you for a long time. Now I come, but I find you're also absent for a long time. When can I see you, my dear friend.
yyjjxx12345 2010-1-26 10:51
may i add you as qq friend,and you qq code please
Serina 2010-1-13 12:14
nice to see you
Tange 2009-12-31 21:56
happy new year
yyjjxx12345 2009-12-9 08:56
Within the production system at the car manufacturer Toyota, there is nothing that is recognizable as performance appraisal. Every operation in the system has an associated measure. The measure has been worked out between the operators and their manager. In every case, the measure is related to the purpose of the work. That measure is the basis of feedback to the manager and worker alike. Toyota’s basic idea is expressed in the axiom “bad news first” . Both managers and workers are psychologically safe in the knowledge that it is the system- not the worker –that is the primary influence on performance. It is management’s responsibility to ensure that the workers operate in a system that facilitates their performance.

the passage it fit for which options
1 Genuine feedback would release resources to be used elsewhere.
2 Managers are expected to enable their staff to work effectively.
3 Experts are unlikely to facilitate a move to genuine feedback.
4 There are benefits when methods of evaluating performance have been negotiated.
5 Appraisals tend to focus on the nature of the face-to-face relationship between employees and their line managers.
6 The idea that employees are responsible for what they do seems reasonable.
7 Despite experts’ assertion, management structures prevent genuine feedback
8 An increasing amount of effort is being dedicated to the appraisal process.
yaoyaocaoxiang 2009-12-7 17:07
hi,pretty girl!have a nice day!
yyjjxx12345 2009-12-4 18:44
SmilingAngel: Yes, you are right. It is what I said.
and you are a girl 14 years old
yyjjxx12345 2009-12-4 10:41
SmilingAngel: I guess, you must make a mistake
in you first blog, you say you see to study e since 2008, words' grammer, pronuncation ect, and you are from south area
yyjjxx12345 2009-12-4 10:12
SmilingAngel: Certainly, I am a Chinese, I'm curious about that why you doubting about my identity?
u say u just grduate from the pirmary school, how can you study e soooo well, quite confused
yyjjxx12345 2009-12-3 17:21
are you a chinese
waywendy 2009-12-3 12:30
SmilingAngel: Thank you very much for your kindly visiting. Everything is alright with me except a little bit busy. I do believe that you are alright with everythin
Thank you for your carefulness . Today the weather is still very warm here ,maybe just coz the cold weather haven't come here yet
waywendy 2009-12-2 23:43
I am coming .Haven't been here for a long time . Hope everything is fine to you

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