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Roll From Woods 2009-07-11
This is a popular game in some blog systems,but all of them are Chinese.So, How about playing it in English?Maybe you'll understand what' ...
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To be useful, but no one now used 2009-06-28
In a small zoo camel asked his mother: "Mom Mom, why do we so long eyelashes?" Camel mother said: "When the wind came, the long eyelashes will enabl ...
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how do you think South korea apply for Non-material Heritage of Mankind.????? 2009-05-27
Hello!!everyone! Happy Dragon Boat Festival !!!!this is festival belong to chinese!!! But South Korea go so far as to disregard the fac ...
(561) Views|(4) Replies
learn 2009-05-08
1. Act according to circumstances. 2. All is fair in war. 3. As long as the green hills last, there'll always be wood to burn. 4. As you sow, ...
(692) Views|(6) Replies
learn 2009-05-08
中文谚语(英文译文附后)                      ...
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gary 2012-5-8 16:34
how are you going ,beauty.
smile22 2011-12-29 15:52
Hello, I am willing to become friends with you, nice to meet you.
dreaming-boy 2010-6-2 08:11
jing: long time no see! i am fine!how about you ?i am in Handan!my hometown!
With time flying unconsciously you drift in another place and wish you have a happy life everyday.
dreaming-boy 2010-4-9 09:07
Miss you for a long time and how are you recently!Do you live in Shanghai City now?
Peter_zhang 2009-12-25 10:56
Merry Christmas ^ -^
taho4012 2009-12-20 11:00
zaozao1840 2009-10-20 16:31
jing: i am working now!Last year I graduated.
oh,nice to meet you!
zaozao1840 2009-10-19 22:36
jing: hello!!!nice to meet you
hello ,glad to meet you too!
are you a student?
zaozao1840 2009-10-19 21:42
jing: are you a stndent now?
Elinahaihong 2009-10-6 21:33
love your space
gary 2009-9-27 10:26
jing: i prefer Colored Glaze!!
o ,but we have not that product. we have only laminated glass
gary 2009-9-27 09:45
jing: what are you do?
producing glass ,
gary 2009-9-26 12:10
jing: where are you go?
workshop ,hehe
gary 2009-9-26 10:13
I am coming back ,several days later
weagle 2009-9-1 19:28
jing: yes!
but it isn't easy!
i will do my best1
Yeah,there is always rocks on the road,but I belive you can do it!
weagle 2009-8-31 13:17
jing: hope so!
Then you should effort to do it,find some chances,you can succeed!
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