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Gevin's B-Day !

Hot 3632 views. 2014-10-7 20:46

       last night,I participated my friend's B-day party in jingtian. i was told to have joined the party on Tuesday firstly and  my friend also didn't point it out it should be Monday. The party was begin at 9:00pm and i should have been there on 8:40 pm . i didn't recieved any information until 9:10 pm. he text me"where were you now,i still havn't found you " i was astonished totally on reading the message. i texted him back at once and then i know the party time was Monday night. haha.what a big mistake. Though, it's a kind of late,he still told me that you still could come if you want. i left for the party immediately by taxi. i knew the reasone that British and chinese don't share the same time !
       As i got there,i found so many foreigners ,some are black,some are white.about 12. i felt a ltttle neverous because of i was the only chinese. according to chinese manners,i greeted them by shaking their hands and said nice to meet you. LOL,you can image that i said the same sentense to 12 person .what  a awkwark situation ! they must have thought that i was weirdo. in the meatime,they said their name,james,jane,........ i couldn't memorized one's , as for me,their name was almost same. afer everyone was seating, we started to talk each oterh,i seat myself in a corner. i didn't know what should i say.perhaps something like that "where are you from,how do you do...." i thought it's really sucks words so that i didn't say anything until someone said to me. 
      what's the next content was that everyone said something that they have never done. someone said that she has never kissed chinese. someone said she has never showed her breasts in a bar. i was impressed indeed because of their confess and direction. in a word,they were very humorous. lucky, nobody attacted or insult chinese. during the games,we drank vaourious different wines. one is mixed up of two different wine.  
     Having considered the time,i left in advance,about 23;40,he didn't complain about that. In conclusion,most of foreigners are kind and esay-going.  anyway,i had a wonderful time last night . Thanks for everything Gevin !

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Reply rowland 2014-10-8 12:14
I have never been to a party like this.
Reply kyle2012 2014-10-9 21:04
Hah .it's also my first time to join this kind of party.i was nervous ......
Reply COLMAN 2014-10-13 12:08
So fascinating party. it's glad to stay with foreigners i think.
Reply Rehmliang 2014-10-27 09:37
OH,i have never had a Bday party like this .What a pity
Reply kyle2012 2015-8-23 11:55
rowland: I have never been to a party like this.
you will have in the future, i think
Reply kyle2012 2015-8-23 11:55
COLMAN: So fascinating party. it's glad to stay with foreigners i think.
yep it's fantastic

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